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In the heart of the vineyard

Wine-making at the Château de Berne, a Côtes de Provence AOP producer, is first and foremost about a commitment to quality. A respect for nature is evident at every stage in the growing process. The grand cru wines at the domain are the product of responsible farming and an expertise which is recognized by the top restaurants throughout the country. Every year a million square bottles of wine are produced in three colours.


The seasons set the pace for work on the vineyard, which is carried out by a team of wine-growers attuned to the idiosyncrasies of the environment and the climate.

Working the earth is a noble vocation, it lends a timeless quality to our grapes, and wines. When the harvest arrives, the ripe grapes are picked in the cool hours of the morning, to preserve their aroma. The late harvests characteristic of the Château de Berne are key to obtaining more structured wines.

Blending is the most important stage. This involves selecting the vats and combining them in the right way so as to make our different wines, preserving their character and quality over time.

With the iconic square Château de Berne bottles, a great deal of ingenuity was required to mechanize the final stage, bottling, so as to present quality wine in elegant containers, allowing it to travel and be enjoyed throughout the world.

The varieties

At the Château de Berne, thanks to the estate's diverse soil types, we can grow a number of different varieties: Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Sémillon, Ugni-Blanc, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Rolle, Mourvèdre, and more...

You can order our different Château de Berne vintages, as well as wines from our other vineyards, directly online.

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Castle escape
1 night in a classic double room with breakfast 1 dinner at our gastronomic restaurant ‘Le Jardin de Berne’ (discovery menu excluding drinks) Free access to our Spa   
Relaxation day pass
A whole day to relax and unwind... - Lunch at restaurant ‘Le Bistrot’  - A free access to our Spa facilities during 3hr  
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