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"Signature" Massages

NEW : "Signature" energetic massages

It is in our beautiful domain that the Spa team offers you to go even further in your well-being and by introducing 3 massages designed to relieve pain, find balance and mental and physical well-being through the hands of the therapist.

An energetic treatment is first and foremost a moment of deep relaxation that one offers to oneself. These treatments contribute to easing stress, which is the cause of discomfort and many physical illnesses:


  • Foot reflexology, South African method - 50 min | 120€

This so-called 'soft' reflexology is characterized by a light and subtle stimulation, totally painless, of all reflex zones of the soles of the feet. This precise touch allows to send information to your body in order to free yourself from tensions both at physical and emotional level. You are immersed in a state of deep relaxation and pleasure.


  • The Tibetan Energy Massage - 50 min | 140€ - 80 min | 180€

Inspired by an ancient method (the Ku Nye) from traditional Tibetan medicine, this treatment involves applying a hot oil on the three main energy channels in the body. Through light or deep friction applied at quick rhythm and different levels of pressure, the energy of the body is rebalanced and one experiences a sense of total healing.


  • Facial Massage (Kobido) - 50 min | 120€

Kobido is a thorough and refined technique of facial massage of Japanese origin, formerly reserved exclusively for the imperial family. By exercising pressure on the meridians as well as the acupuncture points of the face, the massage has a natural energy boost effect and can repel stress in a surprising way. Kobido alternates a succession of fast movements, soft digital pressure, plucked percussions and lifting of the face. The massage generates a good flow of energy.

A true moment of happiness!

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