How to choose a venue for a company seminar?

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Why hold a company seminar?

A company seminar is the ideal opportunity to build team cohesion and carry out great projects. It is an essential management tool with many advantages for the company. The choice of a venue for a company seminar should not be overlooked.

These events build a good synergy between employees. It is also a moment of sharing and gratitude for the goals achieved.

The atmosphere outside the premises is often more relaxed. Indeed, during these events, there are alternating moments of work with moments of fun or festivity.

The objectives of company seminars are diverse: to develop new skills (teamwork, innovative thinking), to make the team aware of certain company issues, to develop a customer service-oriented attitude, to integrate new employees, etc.

The company seminar allows employees to recharge their batteries, develop new skills or simply get to know each other better and prepare together for the months of activities to come. 

How to choose a venue for a company seminar?

The corporate seminar is now practised in many structures. The venues available for a company seminar are varied and offer different atmospheres. Indeed, a venue for a company seminar can be very classical, with simply work rooms, but also more atypical places such as castles. In any case, it is advisable to select an establishment that offers all the necessary services for a corporate seminar venue: meeting rooms, catering facilities, accommodation, as well as an outdoor environment that allows for recreational activities without having to travel.

There are many places. How to choose a venue for a company seminar that suits you?

First of all, to find the ideal venue, it is important to have defined the objectives of the event. Do you want to improve your company's culture or rather introduce your employees to new digital working methods? Clarifying your objectives allows you to refine your choice.

Depending on the objective, the equipment needed will not be the same. For a training seminar, you will need to pay attention to the equipment and organisation of the rooms. Whereas for a motivation and cohesion seminar, you should select a place with a large space to simplify the organisation of recreational activities, or even outdoors.

Depending on the location you choose, the atmosphere can be very different. If you are looking for an outdoor getaway, choose a rustic and picturesque location in the countryside. If you want to go on an adventure with your employees, opt for an unusual location such as a sailing boat, a castle or even a yurt.

In any case, it is important that the seminar venue you choose is consistent with the theme or objective of your seminar, as this will enhance its impact. Unless you choose a venue that is very much in line with your company's culture and values: innovation, quality of service, etc.

Château de Berne: a place for a successful company seminar

The Château de Berne wine estate has a space for company seminars. The companies that have chosen our hotel as a venue for their seminars have been seduced by the enchanting setting and the intimate yet upscale atmosphere. The excellence of the location provides a sense of well-being and creativity that helps employees and managers achieve their goals.

The fusion of nature and luxury at the Château de Berne makes it possible to accommodate companies with various objectives. Our dreamy gardens provide excellent conditions for group activities. And our rooms equipped with the latest technology are perfect for all types of seminars.

Château de Berne: the place to be for your company seminar

The scent of the vines permeates the space and immerses you in the art of living in Provence. At the Château de Berne, a company seminar is a true sensory experience.

Our taste for excellence is reflected in our services. Take advantage of this seminar day to discover more about the culture of the vine with our oenological workshops accompanied by a wine tasting or opt for a vinotherapy session to take a break with your colleagues.

End your seminar day by discovering our starred restaurant. Louis Rameau, starred chef of the restaurant Le Jardin de Berne, offers you a cuisine full of flavours that celebrates the treasures of the Provençal soil with a bold and original approach. A successful corporate seminar ends with a magical night in our exceptional rooms, in our 5-star Relais et Châteaux establishment.

The Bern Castle is thus an ideal place for a company seminar, taking advantage of a majestic setting with an exceptional vineyard. To organise your next company seminar, do not hesitate to contact our teams.