L'Olivier de berne

A cuisine of sharing with Provencal flavours

A symbol of Provence, often associated with the sun, the cicadas and southern cuisine,l'Olivier represents perfectly our summer restaurant's identity. An evocative name that also pays tribute to one of the riches of our estate.

restaurant gastronomique en provence

A true moment of conviviality

Its vast terrace with a view of the vineyards is a real invitation to enjoy the beautiful days outside. A foretaste of our Chef, Louis Rameau's world, l'Olivier de Berne offers a culinary concept based on sharing and provençal dishes. An experience to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Provençal cuisine

The menu, is made of starters, main courses, side dishes, and desserts (or cheeses), and has been carefully crafted by Chefs Louis Rameau and Eric Raynal, in order to thrill your taste buds, but also to present Provencal cuisine at its best. Off the menu, it is possible to order the chef's matured rib of beef with the flavour of crispy rosemary, which you will have the pleasure of seeing cooked before your eyes thanks to the outdoor rotisserie.

restaurant gastronomique en provence

Local approach

From the food to the plate, the Olivier de Berne offers you a menu based on local flavours and the products of our kitchen garden. The restaurant favours vegetables, herbs and fruit grown on the estate and has established long-term relationships with local producers and breeders. This approach is also reflected in the tableware, with plates made by local craftsmen and knives made in Draguignan.

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