A Singular and Poetic Culinary Voyage "From the Soil to the Soul"

 At "Le Jardin de Berne*", Chefs Louis Rameau and Eric Raynal seek out the hidden truth in each ingredient to curate unique and meaningful associations, never-before-seen pairings and astonishing textures that respect nature's true intentions.

"We work holistically with each product, piercing its secrets and drawing endless inspiration for our ever-changing seasonal creations", underlines Chef Louis Rameau.

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The Chef's Cuisine

Every dish is a personal encounter that goes beyond the table to embody Château de Berne's preserved environment and carefully-curated tranquillity. Booking a table at "Le Jardin de Berne*" means embarking on a whole new voyage. Both chefs strive to unveil the full potential of each ingredient by creating dishes with pairings that are easy to read, natural, and even virtually raw. Some aromas are so fragile and fleeting that they can almost be enjoyed on their own. Their noble intentions alone promise a pleasurable tasting experience, enhanced by the mastery of each gesture: a genuine ode to the incredible know-how of nature. 

A Wine List Curated for You

Our gastronomic restaurant features a very extensive wine list representing all regions of France, together with some international wines. Of course, it gives pride of place to wines from our beautiful region and Château de Berne's Côtes de Provence whites, reds and rosés.

In the Wings of a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Watching a top chef at work in the kitchen then tasting his creations is every foodie's dream. Chef Louis Rameau brings your dreams to life at "Les Tables du Chef" – a table set facing the vast kitchen where you can savour the ballet of the brigade, or gazing out over the vines for a more intimate eating experience.

A Sustainable Approach

Château de Berne's three vegetable gardens lie amid beautiful and sweet-scented lavender beds.2, Spanning over 3,000 m2, they are used to grow vegetables, berries, fruit, aromatic plants and flowers using organic farming techniques.

The estate is also home to four thousand olive trees producing Château de Berne's olive oil, renowned for its green fruitiness.

Les Tables du Chef
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