Le domaine du Château de Berne

The Château de Berne wine estate produces red, rosé and white Côtes de Provence wines, acclaimed as regional benchmarks. 

Delve into the secrets of our organic terroir and innovative facilities.

Our vineyard in Provence

Spanning 432 acres, the Château de Berne terroir is set on the Triassic Plateau, resting on a chalky bed dating back to the lower and middle Jurassic ages.

The estate is sheltered by 1,977 acres of forests. The cool evenings of the inland Haut-Var area (northern part of the Var) ensure slow and optimal grape ripening. Our Rosé wines mature slowly and are well-structured and full-bodied, marrying particularly well with contemporary cuisine.

Estate presentation

Discover Our Côtes de Provence Wines

A fabulous feat of precision and discipline is required to bring out the best of the grapes.

Our Côtes de Provence wines are a subtle synergy of nature's gifts and the expert hand of man. 

Une cave à ne pas manquer

The facilities are the perfect balance of modernity and uncompromising quality. Every day, you can visit the winery, where the double-bottomed stainless steel vats are lined up, and discover all the stages in the production of our wines. Pfor our big reds, vou will discover an ageing cellar with arches and a stained glass window, and for our whites and rosés an elegant cellar.

œnotourisme en Provence