Vineyards in Provence


The Château de Berne estate

The Château de Berne wine estate produces red, rosé and white Côtes de Provence, recognised as some of the finest in the region. 

Discover the mysteries of our terroir converted to organic farming and our innovative facilities.

Our vineyards in Provence

With a surface area of 150 hectares, the vineyard is located on the Triassic plateau, which rests on a bed of Middle and Lower Jurassic limestone.

The estate is protected by 350 hectares of forest. The cool nights of the Haut-Var ensure that the grapes ripen slowly and gently. of the grapes. If the rosés ripen later, it's because the grapes are more ripe. are well-structured, long-lasting wines that are particularly well-suited for the food and wine pairings of contemporary cuisine.

Presentation of the estate

Discover our Côtes de Provence

Precise, rigorous work is carried out in the vineyard to bring out the best in the vines.

Our Côtes de Provence wines are a subtle blend of nature's influence and man's know-how.