For many years at the Château de Berne, we have developped our ecological commitment in a concrete way and today we are proud to call ourselves a sustainable and committed estate. Our goal: be eco-responsible and act in a thoughtful way as an inhabitant of this planet.

Our Vineyard

The 150 hectares of our vineyard were certified organic in February 2021.

For our vines, we use only organic products approved for organic viticulture. We do not use any insecticides. Being also certified in Biodynamics, we use herbal teas for their effect on the soil.

Our vineyards are grassed, which allows the addition of cheap organic matter, the development of life in the soil and a better retention of water and minerals.

Protecting the biological activity of our soils is essential. This is why we are experimenting with the "slip test". A test consisting in burying underpants and measuring their state after several months buried in the ground. The more they are decomposed, the more active the soil is.   

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Our estate

At Château de Berne, we recognize the essential role of bees and pollinating insects for agriculture and biodiversity. We are proud to have been awarded the Bee-Friendly label in 2022.

Our estate has also been certified High Environmental Value (HVE) level 3 for several years, thus meeting the needs expressed during the Grenelle de l'Environnement on the economic, environmental and social aspects of a farm.

At the Château de Berne, 49 cattle, 11 sheep and 64 goats are reared in eco-pasture. We also have a sheepfold with 2 donkeys, 3 sheep and 4 goats. The well-being of our animals is our priority. We take care of their comfort and have redesigned their pens to provide them with a quality habitat.

Our wines

Our estate offers a collection of rosé, red and white wines, all of which are certified organic. The vinification is elaborated from indigenous yeasts selected on the domain thus accentuating the authenticity of our wines. A part of the harvest is done manually and at night.

 Our vats are made of mirror polished stainless steel to limit the use of hygiene products and water and we recycle the filtering grounds and the marcs. Bottling and logistics are done on the same site. All our carts are electric and our premises are equipped with LED lights. 

We use unprinted kraft colored cardboard and the interior is made of recycled paper. Our wooden pallets are ISPM15 certified and our corks are made of cork, a recyclable material. In our production line, we mainly use cardboard, plastic and glass. We have set up containers dedicated to each waste. Our teams are aware of the sorting and we have a cardboard compacted, the cardboard is recycled.                                                      

We have created a Berne light bottle (130 g less than our other bottles). Making lighter bottles allows us to use less energy. Since our beginnings, we have always put an eco-responsible approach at the heart of the production of our wines. Our goal is to offer a luxury product while being eco-responsible.

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domaine viticole en Provence

Our hotel

At the Château de Berne, we practise selective sorting and have containers for each type of waste. We limit the use of plastic as much as possible and are aiming for total elimination within a few years.

The hotel is equipped with low consumption light bulbs. Our hotel's parking lot has with four double charging stations for electric vehicles.

We invite our guests to make ecological efforts during their stay. Bed linen is automatically changed every two days. Only towels left on the bathroom floor are replaced. For the cleaning of the rooms, we use environmentally friendly products.

Our establishment tries to preserve the surrounding nature. There are wooded strips around the built-up areas and we take care to minimize the visual impact of new constructions. To prevent fire hazards, which are very common in our region, we are extremely careful about recycling flammable waste. To prevent fire hazards, which are very common in our region, we take great care in recycling flammable waste.

Our restaurants

Our three restaurants offer sustainable and organic gastronomy. We have a locavore approach and use only local producers.

Our domain has three vegetable gardens. On more than 3000 m2, vegetables, berries, fruits, aromatic plants and flowers are cultivated in the respect of organic agriculture.

We have eliminated plastic straws and now use biodegradable ones. We use glass bottles and provide our wine empty bottles free of charge.

In January 2021, our Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Jardin de Berne, was awarded a green star for its sustainable gastronomy. This is a reward of several years' work by the entire team of the estate. A real achievement, since only 88 establishments in France have received this award.

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