An exceptional fine dining experience

An Exclusive Experience

Our Chef Louis Rameau invites guests to his table for an exclusive dinner in the wings of "Le Jardin de Berne" a Michelin star gastronomic restaurant.

You will love the carefully-curated Discovery menu, concocted with the finest local produce and savoured in the company of the Chef.

Minimum 2 guests, maximum 8 guests.

"Salon des Vignes" Dining Room

Featuring a private terrace with sweeping views over the vines, enjoy an unforgettable culinary voyage in an intimate ambience, hosted by our Chef.

Dinner at the Vegetable Garden

Our Chef invites you to savour an exceptional "La Table du Potager" dinner at the vegetable garden. A boundless source of inspiration, this beautiful garden is an ode to Louis Rameau's creative talent, making every dish a genuine encounter and unforgettable experience.

"La Table du Potager" promises a romantic dining experience par excellence. Not to be missed. 

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Le Jardin de Berne
An exceptional Michelin-starred restaurant
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