Discover wine tourism in Provence

Wine tourism at Château de Berne in Provence: Château de Berne in Lorgues en Provence invites you to discover wine tourism and make your stay in this beautiful Provencal region an exceptional cultural experience that will enchant your senses.

Provence, cradle of oenology

Discovering the culture of Provence is also about appealing to the senses. Wine tourism in Provence at Château de Berne is all about immersing yourself in the history of wine and discovering the rich terroir of this region, home to breathtaking wine-growing landscapes.

Provence, the land of wine

26 centuries of history concentrated in a glass of Provence wine. The vine was introduced to Provence by the Phoceans 2600 years ago, before making its way through Burgundy and Bordeaux. Thanks to wine tourism, the wines of Provence are travelling the world. The diversity of grape varieties grown on estates near the sea or inland has contributed to their worldwide renown. From white wines to fruity reds and the famous "Côtes de Provence" rosé, the Provence region reveals the wonders of its wine-growing terroir.

Meet the wines of Provence

Discovering Provence's wine is also discovering the world of Provençal winegrowers. It's a warm and welcoming place, with a distinct personality. Provence is a great place to live. Its warm, pleasant climate and beautiful villages make it an undeniable global attraction. The Provencal region is home to some of the most beautiful wine-growing landscapes in the world, which it is delighted to share with you. From the gates of Nice to those of the Camargue, the Provence wine route brings together more than 440 winegrowers and cooperative cellars.

Wine tourism in Provence

Wine tourism in Provence is all about long walks through the vineyards, talking to winegrowers and discovering new wines. Wine tourism covers a wide range of activities, including visits to cellars and wineries, accommodation in the vineyards, art exhibitions, spas, yoga, cinema and concerts in the vineyards.

Beyond wine tourism

The sheer number and diversity of France's vineyards make it an ideal setting for wine tourism. France is one of the world's leading wine producers and has great potential as a tourist destination. Some of its vineyards are world-renowned. French wines are exported all over the world. Wine tourism is much more than just wine tourism. For wine enthusiasts and the curious alike, wine tourism is a special adventure that appeals to all the senses, with its landscapes, tastings and encounters.

Wine tourism at Château de Berne

Wine tourism in Provence at Château de Berne is all about discovering an exceptional site. The estate is located in the hinterland of Provence, in the middle of 1000 hectares of nature. Follow a narrow road nestling between forest and olive groves as you make your way to Château de Berne, a 5-star Relais et Châteaux in Provence. Your journey will continue with the discovery of wines combining elegance and character. This terroir gives rosé wines finesse and freshness. Red wines are more structured, but whether they're young, lively and fruity, or wines for laying down, they're a perfect match for the dishes of our region. The white wines, with their aromatic complexity, are also worth discovering. Château de Berne in Provence is 175 hectares of vines protected by 690 hectares of forest, all of which are certified organic. Château de Berne has also been awarded level 3 High Environmental Value (HVE) certification.

The oenologist's expertise

Alexis Cornu, an agricultural engineer in viticulture and oenology, is the oenologist at the Château de Berne estate. He has worked on developing new cuvées and offers blends in selected wooden barrels, aged for longer to produce wines that can be laid down. He implements new winemaking methods, choosing selected plots to make up the blend and the maceration time to produce exceptional grands crus.

Château de Berne is the perfect base for wine tourism in Provence. As well as discovering this place nestling in the heart of nature, the estate offers you the chance to visit its cellars and discover the diversity of its wines through tastings organised by the Château's sommeliers.

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