Discover the benefits of spa vinotherapy

Spa vinotherapy: proven health benefits

Hydrothermal baths have numerous soothing properties. Those who love spas appreciate this interlude of well-being. They enjoy a moment of pure relaxation and can choose from a wide variety of treatments. Are you a regular or just curious? Why not not try a new experience with the vinotherapy spa ? With the development of wine tourism, this bath is booming! Its rejuvenating and relaxing effects are enhanced tenfold by natural active ingredients derived from grapes. Alone, as a couple or with friends, discover the incredible benefits of grapes at Château de Berne.

Discover the benefits of spa vinotherapy

Popular since Antiquity, the spa has a wide range of benefits. soothing properties for the body recognised by science. The variety of treatments on offer ensures that everyone will find the bath or massage that suits them.

  • The hydrojets and aero-jets relax your muscles, speed up your physical recovery and improve blood circulation.
  • Professional massages relieve aches and pains, ease back pain and rebalance tension.
  • Targeted pressure stimuli improve the quality of your sleep, combat cellulite and stabilise your metabolism.

In addition, we use top-of-the-range products to amplify the benefits of these treatments. Oils and waters boost your regeneration capacity and encourage the elimination of toxins.

What are the special features of a vinotherapy spa?

Thanks to its natural active ingredients, vinotherapy enhances the virtues of the spa. Through baths, hydrojets or massagesThe different molecules contained in wine penetrate your dermis. Of course, they do not allow the toxins of alcohol to pass through! Their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, recognised by science, are extraordinary. They :

  • combat skin ageing;
  • moisturise the body ;
  • support the skin's microcirculation ;
  • prevent cardiovascular disease;
  • strengthen the immune system ;
  • combat the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Have the benefits of spa vinotherapy been proven?

The vinotherapy spa is based on the unique properties of molecules from grapes and vines :

  • quercetin, a powerful antioxidant polyphenol;
  • catechin, a blood pressure regulator ;
  • resveratrol, a cell regenerator ;
  • Viniferin, a melanin regulator that helps to prevent dark spots.

Their effects are no longer in doubt. From dozens of independent studies confirm the effectiveness and safety of the vinotherapy spa. Vinotherapy do presents no health risk.

Visit the vinotherapy spa at Château de Berne

What better place to experience Vinésime treatments ? Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, our guests are welcomed into the heart of a historic estate. Our exceptional 800 m2 spa welcomes you every day under the Provence sun and invites you to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation.

You'll discover a incredible variety of treatments and rituals from all over the world. You can then relax in the midst of magnificent nature. Yoga in our park, hiking, relaxing in a luxury room, a Michelin-starred restaurant or an herbal tea room: the choice is yours!

What are the advantages of the vinotherapy spa at Château de Berne?

Our vinotherapy spa offers you a veritable rejuvenation cure. For maximum effectiveness, we select recognised grape varieties and grands crus rich in active ingredients. Their benefits, proven by science and approved by consumer associations, promise you immediate and long-term effects. You'll leave this wine tourism experience feeling totally relaxed! To extend your sense of well-being, take a stroll through the vineyards and breathe in the pure Provencal air. Rest and relaxation guaranteed!

In the midday sun, come and discover the vinotherapy spa on the incredible estate of Château de Berne. Savour the charms of our 5-star establishment for a day or a weekend. Take a stroll in our park in contact with nature and enjoy a wonderful meal in one of our three restaurants. For book or order a gift voucher for your loved ones, contact us as soon as possible !