Visit a wine cellar in Provence


Are you slowly preparing your holiday or a stay in Provence? Do the visit to the cellars Wine tasting in Provence is an excellent way to discover the region's cultural heritage. What's more, you'll be able to meet local winegrowers who are keen to share their passion with you. In this article, we talk about the advantages of visiting wine cellars during a stay in Provence.

Oenology and cellar tours

What is oenology?

Oenology can be defined as the science of wine. It covers everything to do with wine. If you take a close interest in wine, and more specifically in viticulture, you quickly realise just how vast this field is. In oenology, we learn how to taste wine, recognise the notes obtained on the palate and also how to match a wine with a dish.

You can learn the art of tasting good wine! Many wine experts offer introductory courses in oenology in most of France's wine-growing regions.

Take a cellar tour to discover fascinating stories

There's nothing like meeting a winemaker to improve your oenological skills. Take a visit to wine cellars is an increasingly popular activity in France. Indeed, most French winegrowers open the doors of their wineries to share their expertise with you. They are generally very open-minded people who are keen to pass on their passion to help as many people as possible learn about their profession.

Leaving discover the winery The winemaker will be keen to share his story with you in a very authentic way. He'll explain the whole process involved in making his wine, and finish by letting you taste his production.

Why take a cellar tour?

An activity as enjoyable as it is rewarding

Make a visit to the cellars Wine tasting is a fun and educational way to discover the culture of a region. Wine culture is closely linked to a region's terroir. It reflects the region's specific characteristics in terms of the different grape varieties used and, above all, the way in which the wines are matured.

Taking part in an oenology workshop is as enjoyable as it is rewarding - it's a real sharing of knowledge. What's more, all the information you learn during this activity is invaluable, and can be put to good use in your everyday life if you like to indulge in good wine from time to time.

When should you visit the cellars?

There isn't really an ideal time to indulge in this sport. visit to the cellars wine. The grape harvest takes place in September. This is the last stage before the grapes are processed. However, the winegrowers may not be entirely available for you, as this is an extremely busy period for them. In autumn and winter, the vineyards take on a completely different appearance, with their bluish hues and unparalleled beauty.

In spring, the vineyard landscapes are transformed once again to reveal a lush, flower-filled landscape. Finally, if you'd like to visit the cellars in summer, that's also possible. With warmer temperatures than in winter, you'll be able to enjoy the warm, colourful scenery of the vineyards.

Visit a wine cellar in Provence

A visit to the cellars at Château de Berne

Provence is a region renowned for producing remarkable wines. The wines of Provence possess genuine aromatic complexity and extraordinary finesse on the palate. If you're looking for a place to visit to the cellarsChâteau de Berne is the ideal place to learn about oenology and discover an exceptional wine estate. At Château de Berne, the grapes are brought to maturity slowly and optimally to produce more structured wines.

The programme includes a tour of the estate and its vineyards. You'll also have the chance to taste Château de Berne's terroir wines, to fully appreciate their unique character.

All year round, Château de Berne welcomes you for an introduction to oenology. You can now book your workshop or your stay at the domaine in Provence. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.