A charming getaway in a 5 Mondes spa hotel

Why treat yourself to a timeless experience at a 5 Mondes spa hotel?

To take care of yourself and your family, discover a memorable experience at a 5 Mondes spa hotel.

Why treat yourself to a relaxing getaway in a spa hotel?

For a weekend, or just a few days, a trip to a spa hotel is the perfect way to relax and pamper yourself.

A bubble of relaxation in a spa hotel

Staying at a spa hotel means opting for an extraordinary experience. In the hands of well-being experts, you can discover a multitude of treatments tailored to your needs and desires, while enjoying an exceptional stay at the hotel.

The physical and mental health benefits of a spa break

The spa is a moment to yourself and for yourself: the ideal opportunity to refocus. A stay in a spa hotel is said to have long-term therapeutic effects, helping to relieve chronic pain such as joint, visceral or vascular pain, as well as improving the quality of life of those who come (stress reduction, improved sleep quality, getting back into shape). A spa break is therefore truly beneficial for you and your health.

Discover an extraordinary setting

Going on a spa break also means getting away from the city and the hassles of everyday life. Staying in a spa hotel can be an opportunity to discover a new region and new landscapes: in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea, a change of scenery is guaranteed.

The Spa 5 Monde or the ultimate eco-friendly spa

In 2001, Jean Louis Poiroux founded the spa 5 Mondes. His aim is to bring natural skincare to the world of beauty, petrochemical-free. It was in the four corners of the world that he discovered extraordinary beauty treatments, from which he drew inspiration to create products of exceptional composition and quality.

Natural treatments offered by the 5 Mondes spa

Opt for a stay in hotel spa 5 MondeChoosing 5 Mondes means choosing natural skin care products containing only plant oils called "Super Oils". Thanks to innovative cosmetic formulas that contain no silicones or mineral oils, 5 Mondes skincare products repair and regenerate the skin through deep moisturisation.

The 5 Mondes spa hotel at Château de Berne

It was on a wine estate in Provence that the collaboration between the Bern Castle and the Spa 5 Mondes. Sharing the same ambitions for well-being, 5 Mondes Spa hotel Château de Berne offers exceptional, timeless moments in the heart of a breathtaking natural setting.

At the heart of a 5-star wine estate

Nestled in 515 hectares of breathtaking natural surroundings, the Bern Castle. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, 5 Mondes spa hotel The 5-star Relais et Châteaux welcomes nature lovers for an enchanted interlude centred on relaxation, wine and the Provençal Art de Vivre. Wine lovers will be able to sample the special cuvées from the châteauThe result of the work of several expert oenologists, in rosé, red or white.

The chic comfort of the rooms and suites at Château de Berne

Within the castle, you can choose to stay in one of the 34 rooms or suites available. Ranging from 30 to 70 m², you and your family will have plenty of space in these comfortable rooms, with their soft colours and Provencal charm. You'll enjoy uninterrupted views of the château and the entire vineyard, and can relax with your windows open to the song of the cicadas. To make your stay as relaxing as possible, you have free access to the château's swimming pools and spa.

The luxurious tranquillity of private villas in a spa hotel

If you're looking for more peace and space, you can also rent one of the two private villaslocated just a few minutes from the château. You can enjoy free access to the 5 Mondes spa, and a private swimming pool where family and friends can spend their afternoons playing and relaxing in a true haven of well-being.

Relaxing moments in the heart of an 800m² spa

To make your stay as memorable as possible, the spa 5 Mondes du Château de Berne invites you to relax in its 800m² spa with a range of exceptional facilities and treatments. A true sensory voyage, you'll discover an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzis, a steam room, a sauna, a solarium and an herbal tea room to relax in.

Take advantage of a weekend or a few days in one of our 5 Mondes spa hotel at Château de Berne is synonymous with tranquillity, authenticity and relaxation. In the heart of an exceptional estate committed to nature and its traditions, you'll have the pleasure of discovering unique, rejuvenating natural treatments for an unforgettable stay.

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