Organising a product launch in a 5-star resort hotel in Provence

Do you want the best for your next product launch? Don't hesitate to rely on a 5-star resort hotel in Provence for a perfectly successful event, thanks to a professionally orchestrated organisation.

The product launch, an event with high stakes

Both symbolically and strategically, a product launch is always a particularly important event in the life of a company. The stakes are usually colossal. This importance makes it necessary to entrust their organisation to experts, serious and professional institutions on which companies can rely.
In this desire to simplify and secure the organisation, nothing is safer than choosing "all-in-one" packages, allowing simpler logistics and centralised coordination around a single provider. These solutions offer total peace of mind.

The product launch, a major challenge

For your product launch, certain elements are of paramount importance, including the location:

  • it must be in line with the identity of the company and the product,
  • representing a minimum of organisational constraints (reception capacity, ease of access, including for people with reduced mobility, etc.),
  • beautiful and refined enough to take pictures for possible communication and press relations materials, for the invited journalists, and which will allow the event to be remembered in time and in the minds of the people.

A product launch in Provence, a strong and unique region

The charm and character of Provence make it a unique and unspoilt place. This nature, flourishing in a temperate Mediterranean climate, considerably limits the imponderables of weather conditions. In addition to this climatic benefit, there are other advantages:

  • a region easily accessible by train or plane thanks to TGV stations and airports, or by car with its motorway network,
  • an identity rich in cultural symbols, to mark the spirits during a product launch,
  • a gentle way of life, an increased sense of conviviality and human contact, or an authentic and much appreciated gastronomy...

A product launch in a 5-star resort: a prestigious brand

Entrusting the organisation of a product launch to a 5-star luxury establishment is the assurance of top-of-the-range services and impeccable, professional service. From catering to accommodation, including reception and assistance, the teams of these luxury establishments are used to managing such organisations while maintaining an exceptional service.
The 5-star standard is ideal for a product launch because it allows the quality of the services to be associated with the quality of the product, and to establish a prestigious image that will leave a lasting impression. These values of luxury, elitism and high standards will be an integral part of the event, and will make the product launch a success.
In addition to these qualities, 5-star resorts also allow companies to cater for all the needs of a product launch or other business event in a single location for reception, catering and meeting and working areas. This greatly reduces costs and travel time.

The Domaine du Château de Berne, the luxury of a 5-star establishment in the heart of Provence

With its 1000 hectares of land, the Château de Berne wine estate is a member of the prestigious Relais et Châteaux association. A place of character, charm and luxury, ideal for welcoming VIPs in an authentic and refined setting, immersed in the world of wine, nature and French gastronomy.

In order to accommodate all needs, the establishment offers several levels of services. The accommodation includes several types of rooms or suites, private villas or an authentic castle that can be privatised. Catering includes a starred restaurant, a gastronomic restaurant and a gourmet bistro.

The luxurious working and meeting rooms and the proximity to rail, road and air links make the Château de berne, a superb 18th century building, the ideal venue for exceptional business events.

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