What is vinotherapy?

Enjoy the benefits of vinotherapy in a Spa in Provence

Provence is known worldwide for its gentle way of life, its sunny landscapes and its terroir. It is one of the favourite destinations for tourists to recharge their batteries. There is nothing like a hotel with a spa in Provence for a stay in complete serenity. It is also an opportunity to discover, at the same time, the art of vinotherapy, to fully enjoy the benefits of nature.

What is vinotherapy?

In recent times, vinotherapy has revolutionised the world of beauty and wellness. It is a recent discovery that allows us to benefit from the many properties of the vine to improve the quality of the skin.

Indeed, the art of vinotherapy consists in using wine, grapes, grape marc and must, to extract their active ingredients in order to produce innovative and effective cosmetics.

Thus, this composition can be found in bath products, in massage products, but also in certain specific treatments to slow down skin ageing, to relax the epidermis or to regain a healthy skin.

In a spa, or beauty institute, specialising in vinotherapy, you can usually enjoy baths, in which grape and vine extracts are added. Grape seeds and pulp are particularly effective in activating blood circulation and draining skin tissue.

What are the benefits of a spa with vinotherapy?

Vinotherapy makes use of the various grape varieties and grapes in all their forms. Grape seeds and pulp are particularly effective in activating blood circulation and draining skin tissue.

Applied directly to the skin, the must helps to purify the skin in depth, and to recover a luminous and radiant complexion.

To combine thalassotherapy and vinotherapy, the treatments used are formulated from wine that is added to spring water, which is rich in trace elements and minerals.

The use of vinotherapy products results in an extremely pleasant multi-sensory effect, with excellent anti-ageing properties to combat skin ageing.

As the name suggests, the multi-sensory effect of vinotherapy treatments offers clients an incredible sensory journey to awaken the senses in a moment dedicated entirely to relaxation and well-being.

Finally, the grape provides vinotherapy treatments with an effective action to improve and reshape the figure. Treatments based on wine and/or vine and grape extracts can also be used to treat certain skin problems. This type of care helps to beautify the skin by regulating problems related to hydration, microcirculation and elasticity in particular.

The Château de Berne Spa: the art of vinotherapy

To discover the benefits of vinotherapy in an exceptional setting, don't hesitate to opt for the Hotel Spa du Bern Castlein Provence.

Nestled in the middle of a wine estate, the Château de Berne Spa invites you to a sensory journey out of time! It is a real call to well-being, in a chic and refined setting. You will benefit from an 800 m² space, a bubble of well-being offering horizons of pure relaxation.

The Bern Castle Spa gives you free access to the indoor swimming pool with counter-current swimming, to the swan neck with a view of the vineyards and the olive grove, to the sauna, the hammam, the solarium as well as to the 2 jacuzzis in the relaxation area. 

The Spa du Château de Berne is a partner of Cinq Mondes and Vinésime. It brings together a wonderful range of treatments and traditions of well-being. All the products used are dermatologically tested, without silicone, without artificial colouring, without animal raw materials and without mineral oil.

The treatments are synonymous with quality, authenticity and rituals from here and elsewhere. Let go and do yourself good in a privileged environment in Provence.

Specialising in the art of vinotherapy, the estate's spa uses Vinesime treatments, representing all the magnificence of the vine and man's work. In this way, the richness of plants and know-how is placed at the service of beauty and well-being.

Benefiting from its expertise and quality know-how, Vinesime creates its own active ingredients from prestigious vineyards listed as World Heritage Sites.

These estates offer their most valuable grapes so that vinotherapy experts can extract the molecules, developed by the vine's immune system.

Vinesime's core business offers effective treatments to protect the skin against the signs of time. All our treatments are designed for immediate benefit and long-term results.

Vinotherapy treatments at the Château de Berne Spa

The Berne Castle spa uses all the techniques of vinotherapy, mainly to prevent the signs of time on the skin.

The formulas are based on a careful choice of natural raw materials and a selection of quality active ingredients, obtained through a unique extraction process.

You can discover vinotherapy treatments for the body and face, as well as massages and scrubs, in order to reveal the secrets of the vine during a true olfactory journey.

The spa staff at the Berne estate offer stimulating and relaxing massages to awaken the body, and anti-ageing body wraps to enhance and protect the skin.

They also use hot packs with grape marc and seeds for a draining effect and combine the vine with minerals and various oils to increase the benefits of the vinotherapy treatments tenfold. The skin is deeply moisturised and regains its suppleness and radiance.

To discover vinotherapy, the5-star spa hotel at the Château de Berne invites you to enjoy a timeless experience combining beauty and well-being to beautify and protect your skin over the long term. Discover the treatment menu now and book your relaxing stay on the domain website. We offer various passes and packages at attractive rates with additional options.