Team building: organise a seminar at a wine estate

Enjoy a unique setting for your team building seminars at the Château de Berne. Starred restaurants, 5-star hotel, seminar rooms, spa, everything is provided for an exceptional seminar in an idyllic setting.

Organise a team building seminar on a wine estate

Organising a successful team building seminar requires a good choice of venue. That is why the Château de Berne offers you all the facilities and equipment necessary for your seminar. All of this with the aim of promoting company cohesion and strengthening team spirit within a group in an exceptional setting.

Promote team building in a high standard venue

The Château de Berne offers a sumptuous setting and promises your teams a quality seminar while enjoying the services of a 5-star hotel. This will immerse them in the heart of Provence, even during a professional seminar, and allow your teams to spend a moment away from their workplace, especially after the difficult period we have experienced between teleworking and the health crisis.

By organising a seminar at Berne Castle, you enable your employees to strengthen teamwork and team spirit. It is also an excellent opportunity to motivate teams, define objectives and reconnect after so much time spent at a distance. For this purpose, the castle offers two packages of services according to your needs.

The residential package

Designed for long-term events, this is the all-inclusive formula of the Château de Berne. Your teams can enjoy a private room, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as treats during morning and afternoon breaks. Nights in double and twin rooms are also included.

Daily packages

In order to meet the needs of different companies, the Château de Berne offers two different day packages, which have been named study days.

-The Tradition which will include the rental of a room, lunch in the Bistrot du Château, and morning and afternoon breaks.

-The Gastronomy, which is more or less the same as the Tradition study day, except that your teams will be able to enjoy a lunch in the château's starred restaurant.

The importance of choosing the right team building activity

There are many types of entertainment and activities that will amaze your employees and create a real team spirit. The organisation of team building seminars at the castle can be done indoors or outdoors.

Castle activities

Take advantage of the unique activities offered by the Château de Berne in its 5-star hotel. Your employees can enjoy cooking classes, a visit to the castle's cellar with a tasting session or access to the 1000 hectares of the estate. Berne Castle is full of unexpected and fascinating places. Mountain bike trails will take visitors through this privileged place, the farmlands, the forest and of course the vineyards. From gentle walks to more adventurous hikes, you will be seduced by the landscape, flora and fauna. Ideal for organising outdoor activities that promote team building.

A seminar at Château de Berne also means access to the spa, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, beauty and fitness centre, massages and jacuzzi on the estate. We will take care of your teams so that they are in the best conditions to live this seminar to the full.

Finally, by choosing our castle, you can pass on certain values of your company to your employees. A simple and effective way of highlighting nature, BIO and the environment. Moreover, the Château de Berne offers accommodation as well as seminar rooms and gourmet and gastronomic restaurants.

Team building activities

Organising a seminar on a wine estate is also an opportunity to set up cooperative activities. Château de Berne offers a number of activities to promote team building.

You will be able to rely on our teams, professionals who are used to this type of event and who know how to adapt the schedule accordingly. Moreover, our teams are fully available and can guarantee you an impeccable service.

The seminar rooms at Bern Castle

Whether you are looking for a reception venue for 10 people or 100, the Château de Berne has all the facilities you need to welcome them in the best conditions. A total of 4 indoor rooms are available, in sizes and configurations to suit your needs.

There is the portrait room, which can seat up to 34 people in the old cellar of the estate, the vineyard room with its 37 m², LED TV, WI-Fi and video projector, the Jasmine garden with its 160 seats and 288 m² and finally the Bacchus room, the preferred venue for professional meetings with 130 seats on 230 m² and an unobstructed view of the château's vineyard.

The castle of Berne is therefore the ideal place to organise your team building events. Restaurants, hotel, seminar room, everything is concentrated in one place. All this in a sumptuous setting with attentive teams ready to help you. Contact us and ask for a quote. We will be happy to assist you at every stage of the preparation of your seminar.