Treat yourself to a spa day at a wine estate


The benefits of a spa day

A spa day has many benefits for your physical and mental health. For example, it's ideal to go to the spa after a good sports session to stimulate muscle relaxation and considerably reduce recovery time, or simply to choose some beauty treatments and spend some time for yourself.

Spending a whole day at the spa is a good way to let go. We all face a lot of stress in our daily lives, so it's important to reconnect with ourselves and give up our obsession with control. The spa offers real psychological relaxation and ensures restful sleep and emotional balance.

One of the main aims of spa treatments is to restore a youthful glow and eliminate wrinkles. Visit vinotherapya new approach to well-being, is based on aesthetic treatments using vine extracts with powerful anti-ageing properties.

Each spa treatment or facility has a specific health benefit. Like the sauna, which stimulates blood circulation and quickly relieves muscles after a sports session, or the hammam, which eliminates toxins and relieves stress.

Wine and well-being: the winning combo for an ideal spa day

Spend a spa day surrounded by vineyards and escape from everyday life to recharge your batteries for a moment. During your weekend, savour exquisite wines and enjoy a moment of well-being in a spa of excellence.

The unusual combination of wine and relaxation immerses you in a unique sensory experience. During your stay at the spa, enjoy the enchanting setting of the Château de Berne vineyards and come away with a healthy dose of endorphins. This experience will delight spa and oenology enthusiasts.

Take advantage of the sweetness of Provence to immerse yourself in well-being and relaxation in a place that respects nature and offers top-of-the-range services.

The opportunity to discover vinotherapy during a spa day in Provence

During a wine tourism holiday, let yourself be carried away by vinotherapy. This activity covers all the treatments associated with well-being and relaxation, such as massages and wine and grape-based scrubs. The benefits of vinotherapy are based on the rich active ingredients in grapes:
Resveratrol to slow skin ageing,
Grape water for healthier skin,
Polyphenols, which give the skin a youthful glow.

Vinotherapy treatments have numerous benefits for other areas of the body, such as the lumbar region. What's more, these treatments are known to relieve blood circulation. During your day at the spa, allow yourself to be pampered by our vinotherapy specialists for a magical moment of relaxation.

An exceptional spa day at the Château de Berne wine estate

A Vinésime treatment ritual at the Château De Berne spa is a unique experience in a poetic and singular setting. The excellence of Vinésime's natural concentrates, resulting from the fusion of grape and blackcurrant, offers our customers a powerful elixir of youth. The polyphenols present in the Burgundy grape varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are renowned for their anti-oxidant action, helping to slow down the ageing of our cells.

Aware of the potential of vinotherapy for the skin and body, our spa combines technical expertise with absolute relaxation in its treatments from near and far.

Spend a day at our spa enjoying vinotherapy sessions and relaxing in our sauna, hammam, swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Château de Berne is a picturesque, refined retreat steeped in Provençal wine culture. Our estate offers guests an experience of wine in all its forms, from tasting to pampering.

Plan your spa day and discover our range of treatments.