Find a seminar room in the Var

Organising a successful seminar in the Var

Finding a seminar room in the Var can be difficult, given the many options available. However, choosing the right venue is crucial to the success of your business event.

In this article, we explore the advantages of organising a seminar in the Var, the criteria for choosing the right venue and how Château de Berne stands out as an ideal location for your event.

The advantages of a seminar in the Var

The Var, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, offers an enchanting setting for your business seminars. It combines the charm of Provence, the beauty of the Mediterranean and a mild, sunny climate.

An environment conducive to concentration

When you choose a seminar room in the Var, you're opting for a calm and serene environmentThe picturesque landscape and green spaces provide an ideal setting to recharge your batteries and stimulate your creativity. The picturesque landscape and green spaces provide the ideal setting for participants to recharge their batteries and stimulate their creativity.

A wide range of team-building activities

The Var offers a a host of team-building activities to strengthen the cohesion of your teams and energise your seminars. From water sports, hiking and horse-riding to cultural visits and tastings of local produce, there are plenty of ways to create unforgettable memories.

Choosing the right seminar room in the Var

To find the ideal seminar room in the Var, you need to take into account a number of criteria essential to the success of your event.

Accessibility and location

It is important to choose a seminar room easily accessible for your participants, whether they come by car, train or plane. The location must also be attractive, to ensure a pleasant and inspiring setting.

Capacity and equipment

Make sure that the seminar room is equipped with a reception capacity It is equipped with all the technology and equipment you need for your presentations, workshops and meetings.

Château de Berne ideal for your seminar room in the Var

Château de Berne is a unique venue for organising your seminar in the Var. Situated in a magnificent setting, the estate offers an uninterrupted view of the Var. vineyards and mountains.


For accommodation, Château de Berne offers a hotel and private villasoffering a total of 34 rooms and suites. The rooms are elegant and comfortable, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside.


When it comes to eating out, the Château de Berne offers a choice of restaurants specialising in a wide range of dishes. refined local cuisine. The 'Le Jardin de Benjamin' gourmet restaurant offers sophisticated, inventive cuisine, while the 'Le Bistrot' bistro serves more traditional fare, using fresh, seasonal produce.

A wine-growing setting

The Château de Berne also has a space for wine tastingHere you can taste the wines produced on the estate, accompanied by local dishes.

A wide range of activities

Château de Berne is also an ideal location for your seminar participants to enjoy a wide range of activities. relaxation areasThe hotel also has its own swimming pool, spa, gym and tennis courts. You can also organise team building activities on site, such as wine tastings, cookery classes and vineyard walks.

A wide choice of seminar rooms

As far as the seminar room itself is concerned, Château de Berne offers modern, fully-equipped spaces for your presentations and workshops. Visit seminar rooms are bright and spaciouswith views of the surrounding countryside. The Château de Berne team is also on hand to answer all your questions and help you organise your event.


Organising a seminar in the Var is a unique experience, offering many advantages for your staff. If you're looking for a seminar room in the Var, Château de Berne is the place for you.

The estate offers modern, fully-equipped facilities, high-quality accommodation, fine local cuisine and a wide range of activities for your participants.

Don't hesitate to contact our teams Château de Berne to organise your next business event in the Var.