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Terres de Berne, an expressive, fruity and dry rosé wine

Tasting notes: Fine, Fresh, Balanced, Delicious

To the eye: A lovely, luminous salmon pink colour with hints of gold.

Nose: Very fine, elegant aromas of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant).

Palate: Fresh, greedy, perfectly balanced, very drinkable and pleasant, with fruity notes of white fruit (vine peach). The finish is suave, fruity and very long.

La Grande Cuvée

The flagship of the estate, with its emblematic square bottle, La Grande Cuvée is available in three colours: red, rosé and white. These three cuvées, vinified and matured in wooden casks, are gourmet wines that seek to express the magnificent Berne terroir as faithfully as possible.

Bern Castle

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