Why visit a cellar in Provence?

Cellar visits in Provence: discover the region's history and wines

Provence is a wine-growing region rich in history and tradition. Cellar tours in Provence are a unique opportunity to discover the secrets behind the region's wines and taste some exceptional wines. In this article, we invite you to discover the wines and history of Provence, as well as the cellar tours offered by Château de Berne.

Cellar tours in Provence: the history of Provence and its wine

The history of Provence is closely linked to that of wine, dating back to antiquity, with the Phocaeans, the founders of Marseille, planting the first vineyards over 2,000 years ago. Over the centuries, viticulture has undergone major developments, giving rise to some exceptional wines.

Wine has been part of the history of Provence for over 25 centuries, passed down from generation to generation to preserve the quality of the vineyards. The Var and Bouches-du-Rhône departments have clay soils that are ideal for viticulture, producing subtle, fruity grape varieties such as Côtes de Provence rosé. Provence has succeeded in developing its wine industry with intelligence and authenticity.

Discover the secrets of making Provence wines

If you're passionate about the history of winegrowing, cellar tours in Provence are for you. They'll give you an insight into the secrets behind the region's wines, as well as the wine-making techniques used by the region's winemakers. You can also taste wines from different vintages and learn more about the specific characteristics of each appellation.

Wines to discover on a cellar tour in Provence

Provence is famous for its rosé wines, which account for more than 40 % of AOC rosé wine production in France. But Provence is also home to some exceptional red and white wines. The red wines of Bandol are renowned for their power and elegance, while the white wines of Cassis are fresh and fruity.

During your visit to a wine cellar in Provence, you can discover these exceptional wines and learn to appreciate them at their true worth. The region's winemakers will show you their wine production techniques, as well as the special features of each appellation.

Organising cellar tours in Provence at Château de Berne

Château de Berne is a wine estate located in the Var, in the heart of Provence. If you're a wine lover, organising a cellar tour is a must if you want to discover the secrets behind the region's wines. Château de Berne offers cellar tours that take you through all the stages of wine production, from the vine to bottling.

Cellar tours offered by Château de Berne

During your visit to the cellar, you'll discover the secrets behind the making of the region's wines. The guide will take you through the various stages of wine production. You will first visit the vinification cellars, where the grapes are pressed and vinified. You'll discover the different fermentation vats used to produce wines with unique aromas and flavours.

You will then visit the ageing cellars, where the wines are stored for several months or years to allow the aromas to develop. You will learn how the wines are aged in oak barrels to give them woody and vanilla notes. You will observe the bottles resting and understand the importance of temperature and humidity for their preservation.

Finally, you'll round off your cellar tour with a tasting of the estate's wines in an exceptional tasting cellar. You'll be able to taste the different vintages of wine, appreciating the unique aromas and flavours of each. You'll be amazed by the beauty of the cellar, which is carved out of stone and offers a warm, intimate atmosphere.

To organise cellar visits in Provence at Château de Berne, please consult the tasting cellar diary on the estate's website You'll find all the information you need about the tours on offer, as well as timetables and prices.

Complementary activities to the cellar tours in Provence offered by Château de Berne

As well as cellar tours, Château de Berne also offers activities for all the family. You can also enjoy a walk through the vineyards to admire the magnificent scenery of the region.

The Michelin-starred restaurant Le Jardin de Berne offers gourmet cuisine inspired by local seasonal produce. Enjoy tasty dishes accompanied by wines from the estate for an unforgettable culinary experience.

For a relaxing day in Provence, take advantage of the estate's swimming pool or spa. The spa offers relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, allowing you to recharge your batteries while enjoying the benefits of the region's natural products.


In conclusion, cellar tours in Provence are a unique opportunity to taste the region's exceptional wines, as well as its history and wine-making traditions. Château de Berne offers top-quality cellar tours, giving you the chance to discover the secrets behind the region's wines in an exceptional setting. You can also take advantage of your visit to discover the estate's Michelin-starred restaurant and the family activities on offer at Château de Berne.

Don't hesitate, organise your cellar visit in Provence now and let yourself be seduced by the wines of the region. Book your cellar visit at Château de Berne and enjoy a gourmet meal in our Michelin-starred restaurant.