7 tips for organising a corporate team building event in Provence

How do you organise a corporate team building event in Provence?

Literally, team building means "team building" in French. It is an event organised by companies with the aim of strengthening cohesion between employees by carrying out collective activities. It is an important moment in the life of the company, designed to motivate or remotivate employees, or to reward them for good results. It's also an opportunity to get to know each other better if the team has changed, in a more convivial and less formal environment.

Here are a few tips for organising a successful corporate team building event.

7 tips for organising your corporate team building event in Provence

1. Choosing the right corporate team building objective

Defining the objective of your corporate team building event is essential to give meaning to the activities chosen for the occasion. Your main objective may be to bind a team together by strengthening team spirit, to motivate employees in preparation for an upcoming challenge, to get to know each other better...

For the employer, organising a team building event is also a good way of conveying the company's values and getting certain messages across: learning to work together, developing a spirit of competition or mutual support, talking about the quality of the work done for the company, etc.

2. Choosing a practical venue for your corporate team building event

The venue for your corporate team building should be outside the workplace, to take your mind off things and mark a break from the day-to-day activities of the company. The idea is to devote a real moment to the company without thinking about any daily professional worries.

The venue chosen for your corporate team building event must also be easily accessible for all participants, whether they come by car, train or plane from all over France.

It's best to choose an establishment that offers accommodation and catering to save time on travel.

3. Choosing the right setting for your corporate team building event

Corporate team-building in the heart of nature encourages team cohesion and brings participants together in a place that is conducive to discovery, sharing and relaxation.

The setting chosen for your corporate team building must be in keeping with your company's culture in order to convey the company's messages and values to all the participants.

4. Choosing the right time for your corporate team building

Firstly, you need to take into account the seasonal nature of your business to avoid peak periods. Otherwise, your teams risk spending part of the team building talking to their customers. Secondly, if you want to carry out outdoor activities without the risk of having to change everything at the last minute, choose the season and region that are best suited to the weather conditions.

5. Choosing the right activities for your corporate team building

To ensure that all the participants feel at ease during your corporate team-building event, you need to take everyone's tastes and constraints into account. In this way, you'll know what type of activity to propose or avoid, and whether very sporting activities are possible or not, for example.

Activities are designed to entertain, but they also need to get certain messages across. Some activities are particularly appropriate for highlighting professional skills and abilities.

For example, sports activities are perfect for developing both team spirit and competitive spirit, depending on the sport chosen. Escape games combine speed, reflection and decision-making. Cooking workshops can emphasise respect for the rules. Artistic activities are ideal for working on creativity and self-expression. Oenology workshops encourage communication, and can serve as a tool for integration and recognition of each person's work.

6. Ask your team building participants for their opinion

It's not always easy to know everyone's personalities, tastes and interests. To help you target the activities for your corporate team building, you can make an initial selection and then propose it in the form of a vote or survey.

You can also find out what participants think of the destination, duration, leisure and sports activities, etc. This is an opportunity to communicate in advance of the event, and to get employees involved.

Alternatively, you can opt for total surprise and reveal nothing before the big day.

7. Paying attention to confidentiality during your corporate team building event

The surroundings of your team building must guarantee security and confidentiality to protect the activities and certain important information divulged during your corporate team building. Make sure you choose an establishment that is committed to respecting the required level of confidentiality, for example in terms of the privacy of the work rooms, but also during breaks and meals.

Organise a corporate team building event at the Bern wine estate

Le Bern Castle is a wine estate located in Provence. It is a 5-star Relais et Châteaux establishment that regularly welcomes companies for their seminars and team-building events.

Ideally located, Château de Berne is easily accessible from the surrounding TGV stations and airports.

You can take advantage of this setting to introduce your team to wine tourism in the region, by taking part in wine-themed activities (cellar tours, guided tastings and wine workshops).

As well as wine workshops, you can explore the natural surroundings of Provence and organise hiking or mountain-biking outings and guided tours of the surrounding villages and monuments.

Organising a corporate team-building event at Château de Berne also means offering your team-building participants a place to relax and enjoy nature. This is a 5-star Relais & Châteaux hotel, with spaThe estate also boasts three luxury hotels, each with its own private entrance, swimming pools, bedrooms, suites and villas. The estate also boasts three restaurants including one starred.

Le Bern Castle offers a setting combining nature and relaxation for your team-building activities. Provence is a destination full of surprises, offering companies a wide range of sporting, wine and culinary activities, to name but a few.

The Château de Berne offers a range of packages for companies, starting at half a day. You can consult the full range of services offered by Château de Berne and request a quote.