Where to organise a team building seminar?

What is the ideal location for a team building seminar?

Preparing a team building seminar requires excellent organisation in order to satisfy all the participants while achieving the objectives set by the company. Indeed, the venue, activities, catering and accommodation must be defined according to your objectives and your budget. Here are some tips and parameters to take into account to ensure that the team building seminar runs smoothly.

Organise a team building seminar in a suitable location

The choice of venue for your team building seminar is very important, as it must meet a number of conditions to ensure that your event is well organised.

From a rational point of view, the location of your seminar must be ideally situated in order to limit travel. It is therefore necessary to choose a strategic geographical location according to the participants' place of origin. Prefer establishments that are easy to reach by any means of transport (car, train, plane).

From a more subjective point of view, you should also choose a venue that corresponds to the image of your company: classic, traditional, modern, even innovative...

Be sure to take into account the standing of the establishment in your choice, as this is also a message you are sending to your teams. Thus, the venue for your team building seminar should not look too chic, and therefore expensive, or on the contrary, be seen as a rather "cheap" event in the eyes of the guests.

How to choose the venue for a team building seminar?

To choose the venue for your team building seminar, it is necessary to define the duration of the event. Indeed, organising a one-day team building seminar does not require the same budget and logistics as a stay that includes accommodation.

Similarly, it is strongly advised to calculate the maximum distance or travel time to the venue for the team building seminar. Knowing this kind of detail will help you refine your search for the ideal venue for your team building seminar.

You should also define the number of participants invited to your team building seminar. This will allow you to determine a total budget and the approximate budget per person.

Choosing a suitable venue for team building seminars

Defining the exact number of participants for your team building seminar also allows you to choose a venue with sufficient capacity. It is very important not to feel lost in a space that is too large or cramped, with the risk of being too close to other company groups.

It is also preferable to choose a place that combines work, catering, accommodation, leisure and relaxation activities. This makes it easier to organise the various activities during the stay and to optimise time by eliminating travel time.

Using a single establishment for the entire organisation of your team building seminar also reduces the likelihood of encountering problems and unforeseen events during your stay.

Organise your team building seminar at the Château de Berne wine estate in Provence

The Bern Castle in Provence, is a wine estate nestled in the heart of 1000 hectares of Provencal forest. It is an ideal place to organise your team building seminar in a relaxing and friendly setting, surrounded by olive trees, oaks and vines.

For a total break, this is an opportunity to introduce your employees to the land of Provence by admiring the authentic style of the architecture of the Château de Berne, with its refined decoration. Moreover, the estate is very easy to reach thanks to the nearby train stations and airports.

The Château de Berne guarantees a quality of service that only a 5-star Relais et Châteaux establishment can offer, with a team experienced in organising team building seminars.

The estate has accommodation capacity for both small and large companies, catering services with 3 restaurants, and a configuration of different work rooms dedicated to team building seminars.

For relaxing moments, the Château de Berne offers wine-related activities (tasting of its rosé, red and white wines, and visits to the cellar), gastronomy (with cooking classes and restaurants), and for relaxation: a fitness room, tennis courts, swimming pool, a Spa of 800 m2...

The Bern Castle offers excellent services to host and organise your team building seminars in optimal conditions.

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