Choosing a wine tourism destination in France

What is the best wine tourism destination in France?

Some of the French countryside is known throughout the world for its endless vineyards, helping to preserve the rural dynamic. Vines are undeniably an integral part of French culture. This is why viticulture plays a major role in tourism, the leading sector of activity in France.

Wine tourism or the discovery of the French art of living

Like tea for England or beer for Germany, wine is the drink that has been directly associated with France since the dawn of time.

Discovering French wine through wine tourism in France also means discovering a fundamental element of the French art of living, an integral part of the national cultural heritage.

Indeed, wine is seen as an ancestral custom of France, whose quality and elegance are recognised throughout the world.

To date, there are approximately 60,000 winegrowers in mainland France, many of them in Provence, the oldest vineyard in France. The 26-century-old vineyards of Provence welcome many visitors every year, driven by their passion for the history of vines and wine.

Provence is also the ideal region for a wine-themed discovery holiday. There are many factors that make Provence a prime destination for wine tourism in France. Nestled between the Italian border and the Mediterranean Sea, Provence welcomes you to a unique setting with varied landscapes, from lavender fields to rolling vineyards.

During a wine tasting in Provence, the sunniest region of France, you will be transported to the heart of the Provençal countryside, to taste the art of living in the South of France.

Wine tourism in France: a rapidly growing sector

Wine tourism in France is developing more and more and attracts more than 10 million tourists per year. Wine tourism stays in France are a great success with visitors and represent more than 5 billion euros of expenditure.

In France, there are no less than 3000 wines to discover! During quality tourist stays, French winegrowers are proud to represent their region, sharing their passion, their know-how and their experiences.

Going on a wine tourism trip in France means discovering the treasures of the French terroir, culture and traditions, which vary according to the regions and their specificities. You will live a unique human experience by meeting men and women who are passionate about their work.

The environment of your wine tourism stays in France is both natural and authentic. It is an ideal destination to recharge your batteries while enjoying the calm of the surrounding nature. Lost in the middle of the rows of vines, you will discover the typical architecture of French wine estates, a setting with traditional charm.

Wine tourism in France encompasses many activities such as visits to wine cellars, walks in the vineyards, wine tasting or workshops with a professional oenologist to combine food and wine, etc.

Also, the organisers of wine tourism holidays in France adapt to all generations by organising activities adapted to the youngest, such as treasure hunts and fun activities to discover the culture of the vine with the family.

In order to adapt to the expectations of French and foreign wine tourists, the winegrowers have developed a professional quality offer and welcome in order to make the stays accessible to all the public and not only to connoisseurs.

Provence: the ideal region for wine tourism in France

As mentioned above, Provence is a region where wine tourism is booming. As the oldest French vineyard, Provence is one of the best wine tourism destinations in France.

Stretching over 200 km, the vineyards of Provence are considered the rosé capital of the world, with 88% of its wine production dedicated to rosé. However, the region is also becoming known for its red and white wines.

The region is very attractive for tourists, offering an incredible diversity of sunny landscapes. There are many activities available, both along the coast and inland.

The Mediterranean climate of Provence is ideal for outdoor visits throughout the year. So you can discover the fauna, flora and soil of the region in any season.

Finally, to go on a wine tourism trip in Provence is to discover an ancestral wine-growing know-how that dates back several millennia to Roman times.

Provence is a destination that is not lacking in dynamism in terms of productivity, with nearly 450 estates, wineries and cooperatives. It has several dozen AOC and AOP wines.

The Provence region is a popular wine tourism area in France. It develops a multitude of tourist activities around wine, such as visits to picturesque villages and traditional markets to discover the terroir. The region also organises numerous events such as fairs and festivals. Finally, the accommodation options are numerous and very varied.

Wine tourism in France at Château de Berne

Try wine tourism in Provence by staying at the Bern Castle A magnificent 1000 hectare wine estate!

The Domaine de Berne is a privileged place to spend exceptional holidays in the middle of nature, to walk 100 km of hiking trails, to discover 175 hectares of vineyards, certified in organic farming.

The cellar team of the estate is trained to help you discover the specificities of our different vintages, to lead tastings at the counter or to present the cellars of the château during visits. It is possible to carry out vertical tastings, but also tastings to learn how to associate food and wine.

Local tasting sessions at the Château de Berne cellar also offer you the opportunity to discover other treasures from the local area: delicatessen, olive oil from the estate, jams, honey...

The Berne estate is full of charm and authenticity with a castle dating from the 18th century and offers wine tourists the possibility of staying in an exceptional 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel.

Staying at the Château de Berne is also an opportunity to experience unforgettable moments of sharing and relaxation while enjoying a meal in one of our 3 restaurantsincluding one Michelin starred and one Michelin Bib Gourmand. Finally, treat yourself to a wellness break in our Spa of 800m2 and discover the benefits of vinotherapy.

Stay at the Bern Castle to discover wine tourism in France and all the treasures of a region rich in discoveries and other local activities such as Provence. Take advantage of a high quality establishment, services and introductory workshops on oenology of exceptional quality to discover the estate's wine in all its splendour.