How do you choose a seminar venue?

Where can I find the ideal seminar venue?

Whether it's for integration, training or team-building, your seminar is an excellent management tool. It allows you to show your employees a friendlier side of your company. By creating shared memories and strengthening bonds, the seminar is a real investment in people. Participants are more involved and concerned by the company, and will be more motivated and productive in their work.

The right organisation of your seminar is fundamental to its success. The most basic point is the choice of venue.

Choosing the right venue for your seminar

The choice of your seminar venue is crucial, as it determines the whole atmosphere of your stay. The return on your investment depends on it. Not every moment will be memorable for all your participants, but they will remember the venue. So you need to choose a venue that matches the tone you want to set for your seminar.

Seminar time should be divided into moments of sharing and work. Choose a venue that allows you to vary the activities! At Château de Berne, you can divide your time between relaxing at the spa with treatments, taking part in sporting or leisure activities and working.

What practical criteria should you take into account when choosing your seminar venue?

We advise you to limit the number of journeys you make during your seminar so as not to interrupt your days. In addition, having a single venue that combines accommodation, catering and activities means you have fewer people to deal with during the organisation of your stay, which makes it much easier to work upstream.

Château de Berne offers a range of packages for company seminars. They combine accommodation, catering and activities. The estate can accommodate up to 220 people for corporate seminars. For the night, you can choose between the 34 Relais & Châteaux rooms and suites or the privatisation of one of our four private villas with swimming pool, or even a château.

Accessibility is obviously an important factor. Château de Berne is easily accessible by road, TGV and even air. The establishment can even arrange transfers.

Your seminar venue must be consistent with the values conveyed by your company.

The seminar venue sets the tone for your stay, so it must be in keeping with what you want to convey. The Château de Berne, with its elaborate and luxurious décor, is ideally suited to conveying messages of excellence. Proud of its French and Provençal roots, this 18th-century château is also a good way of showing your attachment to France's national heritage.

With its eco-responsible approach, particularly in its restaurants, Château de Berne can help you raise your staff's awareness of the environment. What's more, its 1,000 hectares of nature, olive groves, vineyards and forests make it a pleasant and relaxing place to be.

The venue for your seminar must be conducive to sharing and working together.

For a successful seminar, you need to organise moments of sharing to strengthen links and team spirit, as well as moments of work where the creativity and efficiency of your employees will be increased tenfold. Your venue needs to combine an informal and friendly atmosphere with the ability to concentrate and be more productive.

Château de Berne has four fully-equipped indoor work rooms. They vary in size and configuration to suit your needs.

Between two working sessions, you can enjoy a meal in the Michelin-starred restaurant, Jardin de Berne, or plan a session in the 800m2 spa. For more convivial moments, you can also organise a cocktail party while enjoying the scenery, or go hiking on one of our footpaths or mountain bike trails.

If you'd like to introduce your staff to wine tourism, Château de Berne offers a tour of its cellar and a tasting session. And for those who love good food, you can even organise cookery workshops!

To organise your seminar, contact the teams at Château de Berne!