Wedding estate: the advantages of a wedding amidst the vines

Getting married among the vines: why choose a vineyard for your wedding?

Wedding estate: the advantages of getting married amidst the vines

An original and authentic wedding

Celebrating a union in a wedding domain is becoming increasingly common. Couples want to get married in an authentic and original setting, and above all in the open air, on a day that will live long in the memory. Visit wine estates are among the most sought-after, because they are unique in terms of the landscapes that surround them, the varying colours of nature and the cachet of the buildings on the estates. Everything is there to dazzle both the bride and groom and their guests!

Spaces for every stage of the wedding

What could be better than seeing your wedding take place in the same place from start to finish? Choosing a wedding domain is also the possibility of a secular ceremony in the middle of the vineyards, a vin d'honneur on a covered terrace, and a meal in a reception room.

Your wedding photos will be even more stunning thanks to the breathtaking natural scenery surrounding the wine estate. What's more, your guests can stay in one of the rooms, villas or flats available at this symbolic location.

Wellness and sports facilities for all

As well as a charming setting, guests at the estate are often offered a range of sports and wellness activities, such as a spa or swimming pool. Enough to delight both the bride and groom and their guests.

Choosing the right wedding domain

Pay attention to your geographical location

Choose a wedding domain means getting away from the city to enjoy space and an exceptional setting. You still need to be careful about the distance so that your guests don't drive for hours and be exhausted on arrival. If you are planning a religious ceremony, choose an estate that is not too far from the church.

Depending on accommodation requirements

Very often wedding domains have sleeping accommodation, but this is not always the case. You therefore need to make sure that you have enough beds or accommodation to welcome all your guests on site. If the domain you have chosen does not have a large capacity, make sure there are enough hotels around the domain to avoid your guests having to hit the road again.

Ensuring you have enough space for your wedding events

The estates are chosen for the different spaces they offer and for the dazzling surroundings they provide. As far as the venues are concerned, it is important to define in advance the key moments of your wedding and where they will take place. For example, if you want the vin d'honneur to take place outside, the domain will need to have another indoor space available in case the weather turns bad.

Château de Berne: vineyard in Provence, magnificent wedding estate

Presentation of the estate

The Château de Berne estate is surrounded by vineyards set in limestone hills at an altitude of over 300 metres. It is here that quality white, red and rosé wines are produced, thanks to the cool nights and moist soils. These Provençal vineyards have been awarded organic farming certification and level 3 High Environmental Value (HVE) certification for their respect for various aspects of a farm.

Top-of-the-range, original services

The Château de Berne estate offers a number of indoor and outdoor spaces, each more beautiful than the last. For an outdoor secular ceremony, take place in the estate's Amphitheatre, located on the water and surrounded by greenery. The setting is exceptional and unique of its kind. Need a space to welcome your guests for your wedding dinner, the vin d'honneur or the next day's brunch? Choose between the Bacchus room, with its panoramic view of the wine cellars, or the sumptuous Jardin du Jasmin glass roof, surrounded by nature.

Opt for a wedding domain and more specifically a wine estate, is the assurance of a subtle blend of elegance and authenticity with a touch of luxury, surrounded by an exceptional setting.

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