Sleeping in a vineyard in Provence

Enjoy the unusual experience of sleeping in a vineyard in Provence

Need to get away from it all in an unusual location? Provence invites you to discover its vineyards for a weekend or a week, for a good dose of authenticity.

Sleeping in a vineyard in Provence means revelling in the region's luxuriant nature and enjoying its warm, serene atmosphere. It's possible to discover the history of Provençal winegrowing traditions at the Château de Berne estate.

Sleep in a vineyard to experience Provence differently

Provence: a land of wine-growing tradition for almost 2000 years

Famous for its lavender fields, sandy beaches and pine forests, Provence is also renowned for its vineyards and exceptional wines. Whether rosé, white or red, the reputation of Provencal wines extends far beyond the borders of France.

It was the Romans who introduced wine production to Provence 2000 years ago. They quickly realised that the rich, sunny soil was ideal for growing vines.

Find out more about the vineyards of Provence

If you'd like to learn more about the wines of Provence, how the vines are grown and how the crus are made, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

Travelling to Provence is the perfect opportunity to discover the region's cultural heritage. We recommend meeting the winegrowers to learn more about the history of their vineyards and discover their know-how. Many wineries open their doors to the curious and wine-lovers to share their craft and introduce you to Provençal gastronomy.

Sleeping in a vineyard: an unusual and authentic experience

A precious moment of authenticity in the heart of Provence's vineyards

Because winegrowing is such an emblematic part of Provence's cultural heritage, many French and foreign tourists have been flocking to the region's wineries in recent years.

In Provence, you can sleep in a vineyard to take advantage of its relaxing setting and experience a real moment of authenticity. If you wish, you can even book introductory courses in oenology during your stay.

Discover the world of wine by learning about oenology

Many winegrowers like to share their expertise by offering introductory courses in oenology. Whether on a romantic holiday, with family or friends, more and more tourists are taking wine tourism holidays to discover France's gastronomic heritage.

An introduction to oenology in Provence includes wine tasting, vineyard visits, discovering the diversity of Provençal wines and food and wine pairings. It's hard to imagine the process and know-how involved in producing a French wine.

The Château de Berne estate: the ideal place to stay in a vineyard

An authentic experience to discover the wines of Provence

For an introduction to oenology in an idyllic setting, the Château de Berne estate invites you to share an exceptional romantic or family holiday. Anyone looking for the perfect place to sleep in a vineyard will be delighted to discover this 5-star Relais et Château.

At Château de Berne, you can choose between rooms and suites inside the château, as well as top-of-the-range villas with private pools. Every effort is made to ensure that you enjoy an exceptional moment in a setting conducive to relaxation.

Top-of-the-range services in an exceptional setting

As well as offering immersive experiences in its vineyards, Château de Berne is also the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing break in a bubble of disconnection.

At Château de Berne, you can enjoy top-of-the-range services such as a one-star gourmet restaurant, a spa with vinotherapy treatments for optimum relaxation and, above all, the tasting of exceptional wines produced by the estate.

If you're looking for an unusual place to sleep in a vineyardProvence welcomes you to discover all its riches. Set in the heart of the vineyards of Provence, Château de Berne is the ideal place for a timeless break.

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