The advantages of a Spa Hotel

The Spa Hotel, the ultimate in well-being

Today, it is essential to focus on relaxation: taking care of yourself, your body and your mind in a Spa Hotel. It's time to treat yourself to a moment of well-being and relaxation and to discover all the exquisite treatments offered by our Spa Hotel du Château de Berne !

For thousands of years, from the Egyptians to the Roman Empire, the therapeutic virtues of water have been demonstrated and used. The Baths and Spa are all ancestral rituals, rooted in our societies.

The benefits of the Spa Hotel for your body and mind

Water has many health benefits. Relaxation of the body, muscles and mind... We encourage you to try our hydrotherapy, massage, scrub and vinotherapy sessions in our Spa hotel. Finally, the time to find yourself and recharge your batteries in a unique environment. Enjoy all the benefits of the Spa and prepare to spend your day like a fish in water!

The Spa Hotel: an inner balance

Take advantage of a Spa is the ideal way to relax away from the usual routine. It helps to reduce stress, as the body and mind are one. So it makes sense that when you relax physically, your brain decompresses. During your session you will feel relaxed and the benefits will last for days.

In a spa, the water is kept at a temperature between 35 and 38°C, which helps your muscles relax and promotes blood circulation. When your circulation is better, fatigue and muscle aches are reduced.

Another advantage of the Spa Hotel is the way our soft tissues release toxins, thanks to the high temperature of the water. Your skin is cleansed of impurities. It is luminous, clearer and softer.

Spa sessions completed by our relaxing massages and vinotherapy boost your mood. And it is easier to fall asleep when our muscles are relaxed, and a more restful sleep follows.

Wellness tourism in a Spa Hotel in Provence

The exclusive Spa services and relaxing treatments offered in our Spa Hotel du Château de Berne en Provence are the ideal way to relax for a few days in paradise.

You will reconnect with yourself, enjoy the present moment and discover all the benefits of the new technologies. benefits of the Spa on your health.

Our Spa Hotel partner Cinq Mondes and Vinothérapie has unique assets: a magnificent 800 m2 Spa opening onto a terrace and a Japanese garden, a heated indoor pool with counter-current swimming, a swan neck and hydromassage jets, two Jacuzzis, a sauna and a hammam.
Three solo treatment rooms and two duo treatment rooms, bookable on request, are equipped with balneotherapy baths and a private hammam. A traditional scrubbing cabin completes our private hammam.

Excellent beauty and well-being treatments in our Spa Hotel

The welfare services of theHotel du Château de Berne also include various types of massages and beauty treatments (body and face).

Be our guest, relax and indulge yourself with our treatment menu. Let yourself be tempted and immerse yourself in a phyto-aromatic bathA bathing ceremony to enjoy the benefits of a personalised combination of essential oils. Take advantage of our massagesof our Cinq Mondes and Vinotherapy treatments.

Do you want a real sensory experience? Then opt for our relaxing oriental massage inspired by the oriental tradition. The whole body is massaged with heated and delicately scented argan oil, to give you a state of pure well-being.

Alone, with your partner or with friends, numerous body and mind treatments are waiting for you on our Spa Card.

To please yourself and your loved ones, discover our gift boxes and our wellness offers, Vinotherapy, and Kyoto ritual in particular. A timeless interlude in which relaxation, tranquillity and serenity are guaranteed.

You will receive a personalised treatment from our professional team, who will take your preferences into account and ensure that your treatment is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.
Book your wellness and care programme in our Spa partner Cinq Mondes and Vinésime unique in Provence in our Spa hotel of the Château de Berne.