Festive season

At château de berne

The Château de Berne is preparing to welcome the most festive season of the year with a brand new Christmas market and sumptuous celebrations, combining star-studded gastronomy and a warm atmosphere.


chef étoilé en provence

Culinary celebration at the Jardin de Berne

Celebrating Christmas and New Year at the Château de Berne is an invitation to an unprecedented gastronomic journey. Le Jardin de Berne's Michelin-starred chef, Louis Rameau, takes his guests into a world of authentic and original flavours, served in a warm and refined atmosphere. It's a chance to tantalise the taste buds with exquisite menus:

Warm celebrations at the Bistrot de Berne

At the Bistrot, the celebrations begin on Christmas Eve with a Christmas-themed dinner. Expect festive French brasserie cuisine courtesy of Chef Aurélie Liautaud – plus desserts from Pastry Chef Eric Raynal – all soundtracked by live music.

Christmas Log

Inspired by the oak trees of the Château de Berne estate, our chef's creation will surprise more than one guest.

Beneath its crisp chocolate and cocoa nib shell lies a creamy milk chocolate and passion fruit mousse, a combination that's both fresh and delicious.

This log, with its delicious blend of flavours and textures, is the perfect end to your festive meal.