A wine tasting day: an original gift

Offer a tasting day as an original gift

Short of ideas for the perfect gift that is sure to please? Why not offer a wine tasting day? This type of gift allows you to create unforgettable memories, to learn a new activity or improve your knowledge, to meet new people, to discover a wine region...

Wine tourism and wine tasting day

In France, wine tourism is attracting more and more French and foreign tourists. This growing trend allows you to discover the French art of living during a stay in a vineyard, in the middle of nature.

There are different types of wine tourism stays, weekends, itinerant tours, and even day trips. Many wineries offer wine tasting days, which allow you to discover a world for a day, to learn the art of wine tasting without having to devote your entire holiday to it, or simply to break the daily routine by trying a new activity.

With the expansion of wine tourism, more and more wineries are offering introductory wine tasting sessions, organised and led by qualified professionals in the field.

What is a wine tasting day?

Participating in a wine tasting day organised at a winery is the ideal way to learn about the art of oenology and to discover the basics of wine tasting thanks to different workshops, led by professional oenologists.

Indeed, knowing how to describe a wine and its aromas is not easy. The wine tasting day allows you to refine your palate, while benefiting from the know-how and advice of oenologists and sommeliers. In addition to learning how to taste wine, you will learn new vocabulary and discover the different stages of wine production.

During a wine tasting day, the aim is to transcribe and interpret the sensations one feels, to describe the different textures, aromas, etc. The subjective feeling, the experience of wine tasting is therefore unique to each person. The best thing about participating in a wine tasting day is that you can exchange and debate with the other participants about the different wines presented.

Etymologically, the term "tasting" comes from the verb "to taste", which is why we may tend to associate wine tasting with taste. However, it is an activity that awakens more than one sense. The basic stages of wine tasting involve sight, smell and taste. In chronological order, the four basic steps are: visual examination, first nose, second nose and taste examination.

A day of wine tasting at a winery in Provence

Stretching over nearly 200 kilometres and with a history spanning 26 centuries, the vineyards of Provence are world-renowned for the generosity of their clear, fruity rosés. Although Provence is known as the capital of rosé, its vineyards also produce light, delicate whites and excellent red wines that age very well over time.

Opting for a day of wine tasting in an estate in Provence is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in a whole new region, to discover its traditions as well as its cultural, historical and gastronomic treasures...

The Provence wine route is renowned throughout the world for its sunny vineyards and the quality of its many wines with a thousand and one flavours. The cellars of Provence welcome you with open arms and invite you to taste renowned wines, but also wines from small local productions, in order to make you discover the treasures of the region.

The wine tasting day is not all rest and has many surprises in store for you. The programme of activities is well thought out, with walks through the vineyards, guided tastings, visits to wine cellars, tasting typical regional dishes at the tables d'hôtes, etc.

Throughout the day, the winegrowers and all the staff share their experience, share their passion for winegrowing, reveal some of the secrets of wine making and demonstrate professional techniques and know-how.

Wine tourism is a new form of tourism that allows you to try out a whole new way of life and to enjoy nature for a day. During a day of wine tasting, you will meet and share with others and experience unique moments of life, filled with enriching discussions.

A day of wine tasting at the Château de Berne

In the Haut-Pays provençal, the Bern Castle is one of the region's top destinations for wine tourism. The estate covers 1000 hectares and has 175 hectares of organic vineyards, producing delicate white wines, fruity rosés and structured red wines.

The Domaine de Berne estate shapes its wines with respect for nature and the workers in order to represent the terroir of Provence in the best possible way.

The Castle of Bern organizes wine tasting days In addition to the incredible commentary by a renowned oenologist, cellar tours are led by the estate's sommeliers. They will welcome you in a warm atmosphere to help you discover the different vintages of Château de Berne and their specificities.

The tasting cellar The Château de Berne is the ideal place to taste local products such as olive oil made on the estate, jams and honeys from the region, etc. You will find all these local specialities as well as the different wines of the Château de Berne in the Deco shop of the domain. It's the ideal way to come back with some souvenirs and to offer gifts to your loved ones.

The Bern Castle is the ideal destination for a wine tasting day in Provence. Thanks to the various wine tourism activities organised by the Domaine de Berne, you will awaken your senses for an explosion of new flavours, typical of the region. Book your day's wine tour now via the website of the field