Renting a castle for family holidays

There are moments that we wish to be exceptional, engraved in time and memory, but sometimes circumstances make it difficult to achieve them. Whether this is due to circumstances or a lack of information about what we are looking for, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss when faced with our desires.

Dare to be exceptional: rent a castle for your family holiday

Holidays are, by definition, a time apart, sometimes to be relaxed, sometimes to be fun or carefree, but generally to be different, remarkable, a way of freeing oneself from the routines of everyday life and to have pleasant memories.

The taste for the unique and the different, a trend that is confirmed

For some years now, the hotel and tourism industry, and especially the luxury sectors, have been observing a clear trend of visitors moving towards less conformist, less uniform places than they did before. Indeed, if the large international hotel chains represented the archetype of luxury holidays, it seems clear that this is no longer the case. Holidaymakers are now turning to smaller establishments with a real personality and offering a personalised service in a unique, more authentic setting. In this way, it is possible to go to a place that offers a real experience, while retaining the advantages inherent in luxury establishments and allowing visitors not to worry about anything other than the pleasure of being together. In today's environment, rent a castle for the holidaysThis is now possible. It is also to ensure a type of accommodation which offers a totally unusual and unusual destination without leaving France.

The advantages of rent a castle for the holidays.

One of the reasons why this option is gaining in popularity with holidaymakers is because of the facilities it offers for large families, for whom getting all together in one place can sometimes be expensive and complicated.

Because some celebrations deserve no less.

The fact of rent a castle for the holidays allows a large family to get together. This is of course a major advantage, but it is not the only one. The size of the interior spaces allows everyone to gather around the fireplace in winter, and in summer, to enjoy a large shaded table for all family members. In addition, establishments that offer rent a castle for the holidays are generally high standard establishments, which therefore offer exceptional services. In these establishments, guests will be able to enjoy impeccable service, luxury amenities and exceptional catering that will only make their stay more unforgettable. France has the advantage of a large number of castles, some of which have already been converted into luxury hotels.

The Chateau du Domaine de Berne, an authentic 18th century chateau that can be fully privatised

Among the castles that can be rented for holidays is the Chateau de Berne, in the heart of Provence. Set on over 1000 hectares of Provençal vineyards, it offers everything you could wish for for an exceptional family celebration.

The ideal place for an unforgettable trip without leaving France

In addition to its ideal geographical location in the heart of the typical Provencal countryside with its mild climate, the Chateau de Berne also offers exceptional services. The Chateau can accommodate up to 20 people in a luxurious setting, in the heart of vineyards and olive groves, in a period property with a private swimming pool. It is adorned with two magnificent square towers, typical of Mediterranean architecture and reminiscent of Tuscany. The services offered are worthy of the 5-star Relais et Châteaux establishment that is the estate: a refined and subtle decoration, superb rooms and common areas, wifi included and the possibility of enjoying all wellness servicess, the restaurants and the 5-star hotel on the estate. Rent a Castle for the holidays and spend time together in a unique setting, to experience unforgettable moments, is a unique opportunity that the Bern Castle can offer you. For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the domain directly.