Rent a luxury villa with swimming pool

A dream holiday in a luxury villa with swimming pool in Provence

We often think of staying in a hotel for our holidays. However, if you're looking for privacy and space, a private villa may be a much better option. Unlike renting a holiday from a private individual, this solution offers many advantages. Of the many holiday destinations in France, Provence is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious. It has a number of assets capable of convincing even the most demanding customers. Here's some more information.

The villa, the traditional house of Provence

Provence, its landscapes, its terroir, but also its art of living radiate and fascinate the whole world. So it's to experience a holiday in Provence that many travellers decide to move into a Provencal villa.

Characteristics of a typical Provencal villa

Provençal houses, known as villas, mas or bastides, depending on their size and original function, are unmistakably a very special charm. These stone buildings are generally located in the heart of nature. They offer holidaymakers a warm and peaceful setting to the rhythm of the cicadas.

The farmhouse was originally a rural building. It was used both as a dwelling and as an agricultural storage building. Most of the farmhouses we know today have been renovated, although they still retain a certain rustic charm.

The Provençal bastides have a more opulent style. These Provençal villas, similar to private mansions, were once used as prestigious summer residences.

Luxury villa with swimming pool: why is it the ideal option for your holiday?

Renting a luxury villa with swimming pool for your holidays is undoubtedly an ideal solution. If you're still in any doubt, here are a few arguments that will easily convince you.

Feeling at ease on holiday

A luxury villa with swimming pool offers as much, if not more, comfort than at home. Holidaymakers have everything they need and the privacy they want to enjoy the place as they please.

Renting a villa also allows you to cook, have aperitifs in the garden and much more, without any constraints. There's no need to reserve a table, respect a dress code or place an order. It's total freedom!

Perfect intimacy

One of the best things about renting a villa with a swimming pool is that holidaymakers enjoy total privacy. The space is completely private, as are the garden and pool. What's more, you're free to come and go as you please, giving you much greater independence.

Optimum value for money

Renting a luxury villa with swimming pool also has the advantage of costing less than booking a hotel. What's more, if the surface area allows, it's possible to rent a villa with several people. This is a great way of accessing very luxurious properties at a lower cost, for an unforgettable holiday with family or friends.

A luxury villa with swimming pool on a wine estate

Château de Berne is an exceptional site nestling in the hinterland of Provence. To complement the rooms and suites offered in its Relais et Château hotel, the establishment has added two luxurious private villas with swimming pool. One is a mas and the other a bastide in the purest Provencal style.

The two private villas at Château de Berne are just a stone's throw from the hotel. Yet they are set in the heart of a magnificent vineyard, away from any source of disturbance. The aim of renting one of these villas is to enable a discerning clientele to enjoy the tranquillity of a private rental while benefiting from 5-star hotel expertise.

All the hotel has to offer from the comfort of its luxury villa with swimming pool

When you book a villa at Château de Berne, you can be sure of enjoying a luxury villa with a swimming pool, while benefiting from all the hotel's top-of-the-range services. This includes room service, catering, access to the Spa as well as all the other facilities on site. It's the ideal holiday solution for feeling pampered in an exceptional setting.

Renting a luxury townhouse with swimming pool is undoubtedly an exclusive experience that you should try out straight away. Among the various destinations available to you, Provence and its spectacular landscapes are a must. So don't hesitate any longer and take advantage of the Château de Berne offers to rent your luxury villa with swimming pool. To do so, contact the reservations department directly on 04 94 60 48 81.