Offer a gastronomy and well-being box

The gift box, a tailor-made surprise

With an extremely wide range of choices and many unusual possibilities, the gift box is one of the surest ways to give an original gift and an unusual experience at the same time.

Whether it's for celebrations as varied as birthdays, weddings, engagements, New Year's Eve or a memorable Valentine's Day, these are all unique opportunities to experience unforgettable, tailor-made moments. Whatever the occasion, the possibilities offered by gift boxes are endless.

Among the advantages of gift boxes, the wide range of choices they offer in terms of budget and of course the freedom to choose when to enjoy the gift: whether it is a stay, a visit or a service, it is often difficult to impose a precise date. The gift box allows the person you invite to have complete flexibility in the organisation of their stay.

The gift box is also an ideal way to please either a person or a couple. Indeed, the gift boxes generally offer multiple and customised services that can satisfy all desires.

Gastronomy or well-being boxes

Although the possibilities offered by gift boxes can satisfy all tastes, it is nonetheless essential to choose quality services, in environments that are appropriate to the occasion, and offering an adequate quality of service.

In the field of gastronomy, for example, there is no shortage of offers to please both gourmets and gourmands: traditional meals to discover a particular culinary tradition, gift baskets made up of exceptional local products, or vouchers for starred restaurants, high places of gastronomy which are particularly well suited to the celebration of special occasions thanks to a gastronomy box.

If some people particularly appreciate the gastronomy, others will be particularly sensitive to well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation. For this, a package including treatments that can be as varied as they are relaxing: body and facial treatments, access to facilities such as a sauna, hammam or jacuzzi, are sure to help you relax and spend some unforgettable moments. 

Whether you wish to please someone by choosing one of these options, one thing remains certain: the quality of the service chosen plays an absolutely crucial role in the memory that the experience will leave with the people to whom the box has been offered. The pleasure of receiving one of these gastronomy boxes or well being also lies in the fact that one can live a unique experience, which one would not necessarily have the opportunity to live in other circumstances. When you want to offer someone an experience of this quality, the standard of the service must be high.

And why not a gastronomy box and well-being, combining the best of both worlds?

The Château de Berne is one of the establishments that offer a choice of gift boxes including a variety of gastronomy box and well-being. These packages allow their beneficiaries to combine the two pleasures in the same place and during the same stay.

Whether it's a gift for an individual or a couple, the setting of Château de Berne lends itself particularly well to exceptional services: with its 1000 hectares of property in the heart of Provence, the wine estate is part of the prestigious Relais et Châteaux label and has combined tradition and authenticity to offer the highest levels of service. With its three restaurants ranging from gourmet bistro to starred gastronomic table, and its complete spa, partner of Cinq Mondes and Vinesime of more than 800m2, the Château de Berne is a place where relaxation and gastronomy merge to become one, in a luxurious setting in the heart of Provence.

Discover the gourmet boxes such as the Bistro Relaxation Passon Relaxation pass at the Terrasse de Berneor the Relaxation pass at the Jardin de Berne.