Organise a seminar in the middle of the vineyards

Organising a seminar is often time-consuming and tedious because many factors have to be taken into account. The proper organisation of a seminar is an important business issue for the company. This is why it is important to ensure that the seminar runs smoothly and to anticipate the programme down to the smallest detail.

The importance of organising a seminar well

Firstly, it is important to choose the venue according to the culture of the company, its values and the messages you want to convey during the seminar.

It is also necessary to ensure the right logistics in terms of accessibility. Whether by car, train or plane, the seminar venue must be easily accessible. This is a practical issue that is important to keep in mind, as it marks the beginning of the seminar and can be an unnecessary source of wasted time and frustration for participants waiting for latecomers. It is difficult to welcome your business partners by starting on a negative note.

It is essential that all seminar participants are welcomed in the best possible conditions, so that they can avoid unnecessary hassle and concentrate on the objective of the seminar. This is why it is recommended to favour establishments that have experience of seminars.

The teams are therefore used to this type of event and are able to provide a service that meets your requirements. You will benefit from tailor-made services. As regards catering, for example, you can organise all types of meals: cocktails, buffets, table service, depending on the time available, your budget and the number of guests...

Another advantage of this type of establishment is the possibility of reserving rooms and work equipment adapted to the number of participants.

Each participant has his or her own space to sleep and can take advantage of the facilities provided at any time (swimming pool, spa, recreational activities).

Grouping working sessions, catering and accommodation in the same place is a way of keeping travel time to a minimum, which generally increases with the number of participants.

Organise a seminar in the heart of the vineyards

Organising a seminar in the middle of a wine estate guarantees that your company will be able to pass on incredible values.

Indeed, the winery is a place of sharing and know-how that cultivates authenticity and a taste for the perfect gesture. Combining quality, respect for tradition, teamwork and the search for innovation are all values that the winery and your company share.

Your seminar may also want to combine elements around nature. You can then take advantage of the beauty of the countryside for walks, activities around wine: visit the cellar, the vineyards, discussions with the oenologist of the domain, tasting and discovery of the wines of the domain.

It is in the concern for perfection and uncertainty that the origin of a great wine lies. Its conception requires proximity and respect for nature and its hazards, humility in the face of uncertainty, and the patience to wait for the passage of time.

Thus, the winery is a place where a quality professional relationship can be created, based on a stable foundation.

Organising a seminar at Bern Castle

The Bern Castle is a magnificent wine estate located in Provence. Surrounded by vines and nature, it is the perfect combination of luxury and authenticity. The Château de Berne is the ideal place to organise a seminar, as its teams are used to professional events. The capacity of the establishment and its modular facilities are suitable for both small and large companies.

The Château de Berne offers to organise high quality services for your seminars.

As far as the hotel is concerned, our Relais et Chateaux is a 5-star establishment, with several options for restoration (bistro, gourmet or starred). You can take advantage of very well equipped and luxuriously decorated work rooms (vineyard hall and portrait room).

During your free time, a multitude of activities are possible (hiking, mountain biking, Spatennis, swimming pool,...). You can also discover Provence : visit Thoronet Abbey or the typical villages of Provence.

Organising a seminar with day services

For wine and food lovers, the Château de Berne offers two types of day trips to discover new culinary delights.

The "Tradition Study Day" offers a morning gourmet break, room hire, a Bistrot lunch and the afternoon gourmet break.

The "Gastronomic Study Day" offers a morning gourmet break, room hire, lunch in a starred gastronomic restaurant and the afternoon gourmet break.

Choose between these two formulas to offer your guests a unique epicurean experience.

Choose the Bern Castle to organise a seminar is a sure bet for your company. Come and share strong values, common to those found in the wine industry, while enjoying an exceptional setting and exceptional services.