A castle to rent for a family celebration

A castle to hire for a family celebration? Organising a family celebration is often a source of stress, because getting all your loved ones together in the best possible conditions is no mean feat. It's a project that requires excellent organisation and a lot of patience. There are many factors that contribute to a family reunion worthy of the name. If you're looking for the ideal setting that will delight young and old alike, renting a château is a great option! A warm, atypical place just for you, for unforgettable family moments!

The advantages of renting a castle for a family celebration?

Renting a château to celebrate a family wedding anniversary, retirement or cousin's day is a unique experience. As well as being out of the ordinary, renting a castle offers a host of practical benefits that you may not have thought of yet.

Firstly, welcoming everyone into your home is not always easy. In terms of space, you need to be able to accommodate everyone, serve everyone, have crockery for everyone, etc. Everyone arrives with their belongings and the house quickly becomes overflowing. Everyone arrives with their own personal belongings and the house quickly becomes overwhelmed. By renting a château that is suitable for this type of event, you can be sure that everyone will find their place and that everything you need is provided (beds, chairs, crockery, toiletries, bed sets, parking, etc.). That's one less thing on your mind! Admittedly, those in charge of preparing and hosting always enjoy the party a little less...

What's more, family members are often scattered to the four corners of France (or even the world). A place of residence is not always the best place in terms of transport time and accessibility. That's why it's important to choose a venue that's convenient and easy for everyone to get to.

What type of castle to rent for a family celebration?

Renting a château is the perfect venue for your family celebrations. Special, even exceptional, your guests will treasure their memories for ever.

France has 45,000 châteaux, but not all of them offer the ideal setting for your festivities. So what kind of châteaux should you choose?

Châteaux often take us back to the fortified castles of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance châteaux along the Loire. Although interesting to visit, these châteaux are not suitable for a family celebration.

Obviously, the aim is not to make your guests sleep in these cold old buildings, almost in ruins, or on the contrary to have the feeling of settling in a museum. Young and old alike might not enjoy their stay.

Among all the châteaux in France, some have been specially adapted to host family events: catering and accommodation, service staff, leisure areas and facilities - everything is planned for a large family celebration. So you can enjoy a few days with your family, creating happy memories, without worrying about organisation.

This type of château offers an original setting and the perfect conditions for your family celebrations to go off without a hitch.

Château de Berne: a castle to hire for your festivities

Le Bern Castle is a prestigious wine estate in Provence.

The estate is a land of incredible riches. The terroir has been converted to organic farming. Protected by 800 hectares of forest, no fewer than 175 hectares of vines produce structured red wines, as well as delicate white and rosé wines.

A path through the forest and olive groves leads you to the château, a luxurious 18th-century family residence. 300 m2, recently renovated in the pure Provencal tradition to accommodate 20 guests; 7 bedrooms, hotel service and the amenities of our 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel. At your disposal: a huge indoor and outdoor kitchen, two dining areas for indoor or outdoor meals depending on the season, a 25m private swimming pool, and even a cinema room!

Château de Berne: a castle for rent and a host of activities

For the more curious, set off to discover Provence and all the activities it has to offer. If you're looking for a thrill in the great outdoors, you'll love hiking or mountain biking in the magnificent surroundings. The heritage of Provence is rich in historical monuments and typical villages not far from the Château de Berne.

At Château de Berne, you'll have the chance to discover the local produce by taking part in wine tastingstaking advantage of restaurants of the estate. Finally, you can also enjoy a moment of relaxation at the Spa at Château de Berne for a sensory journey out of time!

Le Bern Castle Château de Berne offers exceptional services to make your family celebration the best it can be! The Château de Berne team will take care of everything so that you leave with a head full of memories and laughter. Discover the art of living in Provence, a sunny region full of secrets... by renting an authentic château.