Organise an original team building event

Why organise an original team building in Provence?

To ensure the success of your team building event, the choice of venue is extremely important. Indeed, it must be adapted to a certain number of criteria in order to meet all your expectations.

Organising an original team building is the perfect solution to break the routine, to offer employees a break from the routine, to relax and share, while remaining within the professional framework. It is an opportunity to strengthen the links between the members of your team by participating in activities that are just as original.

How to organise a team building event?

In recent times, the organisation of a team building event has become common practice for both small and large companies.

Indeed, with the evolution of management, employers are increasingly taking into account the commitment of their employees. It is clear that motivation has an impact on company performance.

Thus, to increase productivity and boost employee motivation, it is necessary to plan moments of relaxation, in order to break away from the daily constraints of the company for a moment.

The organisation of a team building event allows for better team management. Indeed, the activities proposed during such an event will strengthen team spirit, help to welcome new employees or reflect on new working methods for example.

Participants learn together through practical and fun exercises, often much more effective than traditional training.

Employers can choose from a variety of team building formats, activities and themes depending on their objectives and the internal culture of their company.

Organise an original team building event

It is not so easy to organise an original team building event that matches the objectives, but also the culture of the company.

Indeed, if you wish to stand out from the ordinary, and offer your employees an atypical team building, you will have to redouble your efforts by carrying out a lot of research.

So you can organise an event that is both chic and original, casual, traditional or innovative, the variations are numerous.

For the event to be successful, it is essential to take into account the expectations of your employees and the degree of intimacy between them. Make sure that their sporting abilities are sufficient if you want to carry out sporting challenges. In short, the spirit of each participant should not compromise the programme of your original team building event.

By making sure that you take into account the duration and the budget planned for your team building, call on professionals of the event industry. Indeed, choosing this type of structure will facilitate your stay by taking care of the entire organisation: accommodation, catering, activities... Thus, the timing of your team building will be optimised, without wasting time.

By letting the establishment take care of the organisation, you can let your imagination run free to propose an original team building in terms of themes and activities.

Choosing a suitable venue for team building seminars

As previously advised, to organise an original team building event, it is wise to choose an establishment that is adapted and used to this type of reception.

First of all, you need to define the exact number of participants invited to your team building. This will allow you to refine your search by selecting only those structures with sufficient capacity.

Make sure you choose a structure that is the right size for the size of your team building event. Indeed, the chosen space must allow you to be at ease, without being lost in an environment that is too large.

A place that combines catering, accommodation, work spaces and areas dedicated to fun and relaxation activities, it is ideal for an original team building. You will save time by eliminating travel time during your team building.

Organise an original team building in a wine estate

Organising an original team building in the middle of a wine estate in Provence provides a friendly atmosphere. This place of experience and sharing is ideal for transmitting different skills in an authentic atmosphere.

The wine estate is a place that conveys both an image of authenticity and tradition. It is the discovery of crafts that we admire, of an activity closely linked to nature and truly anchored in the French culinary tradition.

For an original team building, the Château de Berne wine estate in Provence is an establishment that will satisfy all your requirements. Labelled as a 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel, it offers top-of-the-range services.

On site, you can take advantage of 3 restaurants, one of which is starred, and a bib gourmand, as well as a 5 Mondes and Vinesime partner spa of 800 m2.

The Domaine de Berne offers the possibility of organising activities around the vine, wine and gastronomy, for an original team building.

Come and discover a setting and architecture that is both authentic and luxurious during your next team building event. This place combines nature and relaxation and has all the elements necessary to offer your employees an original team building experience. In order to organise your company project as it should be, you can contact our teams of advisors through the website of the Castle of Bern.