Why organise a team building in Provence?

Organising a successful team building in Provence

Choosing the right place to organise a team building event is not an easy task. Indeed, many factors come into play to satisfy all the participants, but also to achieve the common objectives in the best conditions. Renowned for its gentle way of life, Provence is considered the best region to host a team building event.

If you want to know why you should organise a team building in Provence, here are some answers to help you make your choice.

Why organise a team building event?

More and more companies are investing in the organisation of a team building event in order to strengthen the bonds between employees, promoting communication and group cohesion.

Why organise a team building event? The answer is simple. For employees, team building is a break from the usual routine. Indeed, it is an opportunity to meet in an atypical work environment, conducive to relaxation and sharing.

Creating such an event allows companies to make a lasting impression, creating many common memories for all participants. Thus, the benefits of this particular stay will be felt in the long term. Thanks to team building, the employer considerably enriches the history and culture of his company.

Team building is an effective way to motivate or remotivate teams after a difficult period for example. It is an opportunity to reward teams for all their efforts during the year, to congratulate the achievement of good results, to facilitate the integration of new employees within the company, etc.

During team building, employees participate in activities and mobilise their professional skills in a fun and informal context. Together they develop specific skills according to the activities selected. Thus, they work on respect for quality, responsiveness to requests, quality of customer service, team spirit, competition, etc.

Why organise a team building in Provence?

Choosing a venue for a team building event can be a bit of a hassle. However, some venues are more suitable than others. First of all, you need to take into account the budget, the duration of the event, the type of activities envisaged, travel times and other practical criteria.

Secondly, there is a vast choice of destinations. France offers a huge diversity of landscapes. You can choose between the countryside, the mountains, the seaside, the forest, etc.

Make sure you choose a setting that is very different from the company's everyday life. However, team building does not mean going to the other side of the world. Sometimes it only takes a few kilometres to get away from everyday life. For this type of event, Provence is a region full of surprises and has many advantages.

So why organise a team building in Provence? First of all, Provence offers the ideal conditions for a successful team building. Indeed, you benefit from the Mediterranean climate, both mild and sunny, whatever the time of year. This limits the risks and last minute changes of plans if you plan to carry out outdoor activities.

It is also a region with beautiful scenery. You can be near the sea, a lake, a river or further inland. The location is ideal if you want to take part in water sports and other activities.

By choosing Provence, your team building participants can enjoy a perfect setting to recharge their batteries and taste the Provencal way of life. They can contemplate the region's picture-postcard landscapes and discover the local gastronomy, both rich and generous, nourished by the influences of the Mediterranean basin.

Why organize a team building in a wine estate in Provence?

Why organise a team building activity in a vineyard in Provence? Carrying out activities around the culture of the vine is an excellent choice for strengthening the bonds within a team. It encourages exchange, sharing and the transmission of incredible values.

Indeed, organising a team building in the middle of a wine estate in Provence provides a friendly atmosphere. This place of experience and sharing is ideal for transmitting different skills in an authentic atmosphere.

Initiations to oenology and cellar visits are particularly appreciated and offer a sensory experience favouring the expression of personal feelings and discussions around a product rich in flavours. It also amplifies the taste of the perfect gesture for a work done with determination and meticulousness.

Why organise a team building at the Château de Berne in Provence?

For a successful team building in Provence, opt for the Bern CastleThis is a 1000-hectare winegrowing estate, including 175 hectares of vineyards. It is a top-of-the-range establishment that regularly welcomes companies for their team building.

It is the perfect place to organise your team building and to introduce your team to the region's organic wine tourism. The Domaine de Berne will reflect the values of your company by organising quality receptions and activities.

It is the ideal place to participate in various activities on the theme of wineA series of events are organised by the estate's staff (cellar visits, guided tastings and wine workshops).

Participants will also be able to take advantage of the three restaurants of the estate, including one with a Michelin star, for an original gastronomic discovery between colleagues.

Situated in the middle of nature, the Château de Berne offers an unbelievably relaxing setting. It is a 5-star Relais & Châteaux Hotel, with spapools, rooms, suites and private villas.

From a practical point of view, the Domaine de Berne is ideal for organising your team building activities. The establishment provides companies with five seminar rooms as well as outdoor areas for activities. Ideally located, it is easily accessible from the surrounding airports and TGV stations.

The Berne domain is therefore a sure bet for a team building activity that will be unanimously appreciated by your employees. You can now discover the packages adapted to companies (from a minimum of half a day), by consulting the website of Berne Castle. Contact our teams for more information or advice on organising your team building event.