What are the benefits of vinotherapy?

What is the vinotherapy?

In recent years, the phenomenon of vinotherapy is more and more present in the care centres that can practice it, and its benefits are certain and recognized.

Age-old benefits for a modern therapy

Firstly, the vinotherapy what is it?

In essence, it is a treatment, whether for beauty or well-being, which is carried out exclusively with products from the wine culture.

Thus, the residues of the grape harvest, the skin, the pips, the marc of grapes, are all elements that are exploited for their therapeutic virtues in the practice of vinotherapy.

These residues are used in different ways: the pulp and wine or juice for baths, the pomace and oils or vine extracts for masks, and their effects combine to form excellent beauty masks and anti-ageing treatments.

In fact, the benefits of wine have been known since ancient Greece. Hippocrates described wine not only as an art of living but also as a symbol of well-being and health.

The analyses that modern science allows us today clearly show the reason for these therapeutic virtues: the grape itself, but also the vine that bears it, is loaded with minerals (potassium, calcium and magnesium, sulphur) and trace elements.

This is how we now know for sure that grape products have depurative, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

The vinotherapy in Provence

The vinotherapy is best done with fresh products, sometimes only a few hours after grinding, so that the elements are all intact.

For this reason, the best vinotherapy are located in traditional wine-growing regions.

Provence, a region with a strong wine-growing tradition

Since the time of the Romans, civilisations have been sensitive to the care and hygiene of the body, as evidenced by the terms and baths.

Provence, which like the rest of the Mediterranean region, still has many of its vestiges, is also a region traditionally renowned for the strength of its wine culture.

Indeed, Provence has an impressive variety of different grape varieties, often very famous, and the rich soils of the region allow them to be grown in optimal conditions.

If the importance of the soil is obvious for the development of strong and healthy vineyards, the same is true for the climate, and this is another major asset in the success of the Provence region in this field.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, it is clear that Provence is a region where grape growing thrives, as the grapes soak up the sun in order to grow and reach optimum ripeness.

It is thanks to this exceptional growth that grapes from great wine regions such as Provence have fascinated people for centuries with their many virtues.

A spa of vinotherapy at Bern Castle

In the heart of Provence, in the middle of a 1000 hectare park of preserved nature, you will discover the authentic luxury of the Château de Berne estate.

Treat yourself to the vinotherapy to its source in a luxury wine estate.

Château de Berne is a must when it comes to combining relaxation and wine tradition. Indeed, this traditional Provençal wine estate, classified as a 5-star Relais et Châteaux, offers its visitors a spa of more than 800 square metres, a Vinesime and Cinq Mondes partner.

Ideally located in the heart of the vineyards, it is natural that the spa offers specialised services such as massage after the harvest which is a perfect accompaniment to a wine-themed holiday.

Whether it's a walk through the vineyards, tasting the estate's wines or visiting the cellar, there's something for everyone to enjoy, whether they're looking for vinotherapy or simply to discover the area.

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