Choosing the right team building activity

How to choose the right team building activity

Team building is an event organised by companies to improve cohesion and communication between employees. It's the ideal way to strengthen corporate culture and motivate a group by offering activities outside the usual work environment.

The team building activity chosen for the occasion must correspond to the values and image of the company. Certain activities can help to improve specific skills such as helping others, listening, negotiating or team spirit, for example.

To ensure the success of a corporate team building event, it is important to choose an activity based on objectives defined in advance.

Why organise a team building event?

Team building helps a company to run smoothly in many ways. It's an effective management tool for motivating employees, rewarding them for their work, welcoming new arrivals and strengthening team cohesion, for example.

After a difficult period, organising this type of event is an effective way of strengthening ties between employees, boosting their motivation and giving them a fresh start.

Team building meetings also enable employers to affirm their company culture in a short space of time. This type of management encourages the transmission of values and enables employees to create positive shared memories. This has positive consequences within the company, with improvements in efficiency, quality and work over the long term.

Although the team building activity takes place in an informal setting, it is important not to lose sight of the objectives. That's why the choice of team building activity needs to be carefully thought through to boost the company's productivity.

There are many different team building activities that can be used to harness different skills and improve professional abilities for the benefit of the company. In an informal and fun environment, participants can work on different themes linked to their daily work within the company, such as responsiveness to improve the quality of customer service, a competitive spirit to face up to the competition, team spirit, etc.

The importance of planning a team building activity

The success of a team building event depends on the right mix of work and relaxation, a balance that needs to be calibrated according to your objectives, the messages and values to be conveyed, the sector of activity, the corporate culture and the profile of the employees taking part in the event.

A good team-building activity develops skills through fun, artistic or sporting activities. By selecting a suitable team building activity, you can target one or more professional skills.

A team-building activity such as singing or acting can help you to work on your oral expression, gain confidence and manage stress better. This can be very useful for sales or communication jobs, to reinforce the interpersonal aspect.

Sporting challenges help to foster team spirit and facilitate communication to achieve common goals.

The wine workshops make it easier and quicker to integrate new members by encouraging them to speak up and discuss. The result is more fluid and spontaneous exchanges. It's also the ideal team-building activity for expressing gratitude to employees and thanking them for their efforts throughout the year.

Organise a team-building activity at a wine estate in Provence

Why not opt for a Provencal wine estate for your team building activity? It's the ideal place to organise your wine-themed team-building activity. The wine-growing environment has values similar to the fundamental values of business. In fact, it's a place that conveys important values such as respect for traditions, workers and nature. Authenticity and sincerity take pride of place, guaranteeing unforgettable epicurean moments and the chance to enjoy the local terroir.

There are plenty of team-building activities in the vineyards: vineyard walks, tasting sessions, cellar visits, discussions with winemakers and professionals (oenologists, sommeliers, cellar masters, etc.). Participants enjoy a unique sensory experience and discover skills that require determination and attention to detail.

If you want to strengthen the bonds within a team, team-building activities based around the cultivation of vines are ideal. This type of team-building activity allows you to pass on values that lay a solid foundation, and encourages exchange and sharing.

Organise a team building activity at Berne Castle

In the heart of the Provencal countryside, the Bern Castle is an authentic wine estate. It offers top-of-the-range services and regularly welcomes companies for seminars and team-building events.

The Domaine de Berne farms 175 hectares of organic vines, and offers a range of activities for businesses to discover what organic and Provençal wine tourism is all about. You can also take part in tasting workshops as well as cellar tours with commentary by Château de Berne oenologists and sommeliers.

As well as offering a team-building activity on Provençal wine in general, the Domaine de Berne has three restaurants (including a Michelin-starred restaurant, a bib gourmand offering shared cuisine and a gastronomic restaurant).

During a team-building stay, participants can enjoy an incredible setting. A 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel, the estate boasts a Spa The hotel also boasts a luxury restaurant, a relaxation area with indoor swimming pool and magnificent rooms, suites and private villas.

Close to airports and TGV stations, the Bern Castle is easily accessible. It's the ideal place to organise a team-building activity and learn more about wine culture. You can contact our teams and consult our website to organise your next team building event in Provence.