Why organise your seminars in Provence?


Company seminars are a management tool that takes the form of a stay with your employees away from your usual workplace. During a seminar, time is generally divided between moments of reflection and work and informal moments of relaxation and exchange. By working on creativity, commitment, motivation, conviviality or establishing new ways of working, company seminars are interesting in more ways than one!

When organising your corporate seminars, choose a relaxing location close to nature, like Provence! Château de Berne is an ideal solution for corporate seminars. The Provencal charm of the venue is sure to create a break from your usual workplace.

Seminars: a good way to energise your business

There are several types of company seminars. The induction seminar allows you to welcome new arrivals and get to know them on a more personal level. In the same spirit, team-building seminars help you to maintain the well-being of your employees and develop the cohesion of your teams.

You can also organise training, management or executive seminars to develop new skills, analyse your business strategies with your staff or reflect on new decisions.

To ensure the success of your corporate seminars, set objectives beforehand. For example, if your aim is to strengthen the bond with your employees, then choose a venue that allows for convivial activities such as sports or sharing a good meal.

The choice of venue is crucial to the success of your seminar

Château de Berne offers a wide range of services for all types of corporate seminars. You can enjoy moments of sharing and conviviality as well as moments of reflection! We can accommodate 220 people outdoors and 180 indoors.

When organising your seminar, the choice of venue is surely the most important. It must be conducive to concentration as well as being a place for relaxation and sharing. A successful company seminar is one that promotes well-being, fosters team spirit and cohesion at work, develops creativity and productivity for all and introduces or maintains a corporate culture.

Berne Castle is committed to offering a multitude of activities in a single location. In fact, having a single location for all the activities means you don't have to make one journey after another, which could break the momentum of your stay. And to make things easier for you, you can opt for a turnkey multi-activity package. You can have access to a package that includes room hire, meals and a gourmet break, for example.

Château de Berne, the ideal venue for your corporate seminars

Château de Berne is unique in France. Surrounded by a 1,000-hectare wine-growing estate in the heart of Provence, the château has 34 rooms, ranging from the classic to the suite. This 5-star establishment boasts three restaurants, including a Michelin-starred restaurant.

In addition to the five fully-equipped meeting rooms available at Château de Berne, there is a wide range of activities on offer. You can organise conferences as well as nature walks and moments of relaxation at the spa.

For lovers of fine dining, Château de Berne has three restaurants, one of which is Michelin-starred. You can even take a cookery course. At the heart of a winegrowing estate, you can also introduce your staff to oenology with a visit to the cellars and a wine tasting session.

Find out all about the activities in Berne Castle brochure.

Tailor your seminar to your needs

Would you like to offer your staff some moments of relaxation? Château de Berne has a fitness room, a tennis court with all the necessary equipment, an 800m2 spa and a private bar. You can easily combine moments of reflection and work with more informal moments of sport or relaxation.

In addition, the location of Château de Berne means that your staff can share moments in the midst of nature, in front of beautiful landscapes and on forest walks. It has been recognised that the presence of nature has a positive effect on well-being and productivity.

A successful company seminar needs to be organised in advance! To make your moments of sharing unforgettable, prepare them in advance and vary the activities. Don't hesitate to ask questions beforehand and visit the Bern Castle for more information about the services offered by Château de Berne. You can already request a quote.