Treat yourself to a stay in a 5 Mondes spa hotel

Treat yourself to a stay in a 5 mondes spa hotel

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to forget to take care of our bodies and minds. Giving ourselves a break from our routine from time to time is an important part of maintaining balance.

Looking for a moment of relaxation away from it all? Treat yourself to a romantic break or a family holiday in a hotel spa 5 mondes while enjoying all the benefits a spa has to offer.

Why is the Spa good for your health?

Discover the benefits of a moment of relaxation in a 5 mondes spa hotel

In just one day at a spa, you'll experience the relaxing benefits for your body and joints, as well as for your mind.

When you relax in a pool, the sound of the water calms and soothes your mind, while the tension of the water jets on your legs releases all your aches and pains. The spa has the ability to reduce stress and give you a real sense of well-being.

A detox for both body and mind

From improving blood circulation to reducing stress and toning the skin, a day at the spa helps to immerse our body and mind in a state of absolute relaxation. It's a moment out of time that frees us from toxins and soothes our muscles.

What is a 5 World Spa?

A host of top-of-the-range care services

It is through many years of research and expertise that the spa 5 worlds developed a range of treatments designed to reduce tension and balance energy flows.

Between facial and body treatments, a hotel spa 5 mondes invites you to experience a total awakening of the senses. It's a unique experience that can be enjoyed alone or as a duo.

5 monde spa hotel: an awakening of the senses inspired by traditional rituals

Only 1000 establishments in 36 countries around the world offer 5 Worlds spa services. These services take you on a journey to the heart of five great regions of the world through ancestral beauty traditions. The 5 Worlds well-being rituals are based on ancestral treatment protocols such as acupuncture, Ayurveda and Shiatsu.

The 5 Mondes spa hotel at Château de Berne

A moment of total relaxation in an exceptional setting

The historic bastide of Château de Berne stands in the heart of a magnificent Provencal vineyard. Throughout the year, the Château de Berne estate opens the doors of its 800 square metre 5 Worlds spa. It offers relaxation and top-of-the-range treatments. During your stay in Provence, you can enjoy its two outdoor swimming pools with a sumptuous view over the vineyards and its olive grove.

To relax, you can choose from a wide range of 5 Worlds spa treatments. From facials to body scrubs and wellness massages, everything is designed to help you unwind completely.

Extend your experience by taking advantage of the domain's services

If you'd like to extend your experience in the authentic setting of Château de Berne, you can. This hotel spa 5 monde also boasts a Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant serving fresh, subtle cuisine. The restaurant's chef is used to working with fresh, seasonal produce to bring you all the flavours of Provence.

You can also visit the estate's vineyards and take an introductory course in oenology to find out more about how the estate's wines are made. This will be followed by a tasting of exceptional wines, much to the delight of lovers of French gastronomy.

If you would like to find out more about the treatments offered by the spa on the Château de Berne estate, please contact view details of our offers.