A family room for a visit to Le Thoronet Abbey

A visit to Le Thoronet Abbey, one of the most beautiful in Europe, is a fabulous family experience. While on holiday in the beautiful region of Provence, don't miss a visit to one of the most sumptuous abbeys: theThoronet Abbey.

The visit of the Abbey of Thoronet, is to discover a jewel of Cistercian architecture

Built between 1160 and 1230, theThoronet Abbey is one of the three great Cistercian abbeys of Provence. As such, it has been classified as a historical monument since 1840.

The unique architecture dedicated exclusively to the life of the order

During a visit to the Abbaye du ThoronetIn this way, it can be seen that it was built on a model similar to that of its sisters, the other great abbeys of Provence. It has large rooms, adapted to an essentially communal monastic life. Research has also shown that the acoustics of the building, designed to obtain an echo, are studied in such a way as to enhance the Gregorian chants, commonly practiced by the Cistercian order.

It was in the 12th century, when the territory belonged to the Holy Roman Empire, that theThoronet Abbey was founded. And it was in 1785, after almost six centuries of activity, that theThoronet Abbey is finally secularised. A sale of the Abbey's property was announced in 1791, when the last six monks left.

The awardingThoronet Abbey is now a national asset open to the public, offering family visits and activities for children.

The possibility of renting a family room in a hotel: why?

The first advantage that comes to mind is of course the fact that you can stay with your family during your getaway, but in concrete terms, how does the family room facilitate this?

The characteristics of the family rooms.

First of all, there is of course the surface area. The family rooms are larger, simply to provide visitors with the optimum comfort that conventional rooms, often designed for a couple, do not offer.

Secondly, the whole structure and organisation of the room has been designed to accommodate a family: for example, most of the time, these rooms have two adjoining rooms separated by a single door.

This formula is designed to allow visitors an ideal mix of intimacy and proximity. Indeed, whether they are very young children, not yet old enough to sleep in a closed room, or young teenagers, still young enough to have their own room, this formula allows parents to preserve their privacy or that of their child while being present.

In many cases, these rooms are pet-friendly, so that families can be truly complete!

After the visit to the Abbey of ThoronetThe luxury of the rooms in the Château de Berne.

In the heart of Provence, in a wild preserved domain of more than 1000 hectares, the wine estate of Château de Berne is an upmarket Relais et Château, and is one of the establishments offering the possibility to book several types of rooms.

The family rooms of the Château de Berne.

Decorated in a spirit of chic campaignThe family rooms of the Château de Berne are warm and refined, combining all the comforts of a 5-star establishment with the discreet luxury of modern decoration.

The large volumes provide exceptional clarity and offer a breathtaking view of the swimming pool or the vineyards of the estate.

One of our family rooms, for example, has two separate rooms, one with a king-size bed, and the other with two single beds, which can be joined together if required. The very spacious shower and bath are ideal for children and pets are welcome.

To complete an activity as fascinating as visit to the Abbey of ThoronetThere's nothing like a night out with the family in an exceptional place.

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