How do you organise your induction seminar in Provence?


An induction seminar is an excellent way to complete the recruitment process for your new employees. To make it really effective and productive, take the time to choose the ideal venue and organise it from start to finish. This short break should be a break from your daily routine, combining moments of relaxation, conviviality and work. So why not take a breath of fresh Provencal air?

For the sake of practicality, and to avoid multiple journeys during your stay, it's best to find a place that combines activities, accommodation and catering.

Why hold an induction seminar?

The induction seminar is used to integrate new employees. It is a highly effective management tool that helps to create links between teams while motivating each participant to invest in the company. When the induction seminar is well organised, it provides a return on investment through the development of individual creativity and motivation, as well as a sense of belonging within the company. Your employees will be more productive if they feel involved and supported.

The benefits are manifold. However, to be most effective, it is advisable to focus on a few objectives, such as: establishing a climate of trust, developing a collaborative team spirit, spreading a corporate culture based on certain values, or creating solid links that enable personal fulfilment at work and calm dialogue.

When organising your induction seminar, be sure to take into account the opinions, preferences and aversions of your employees regarding the activities. For example, don't plan only very sporty activities if some of the participants have health concerns that may limit them in this respect.

For your integration seminar, opt for the wine estate

To be successful, your induction seminar must make a lasting impression. To achieve this, you can opt for an activity that is far removed from your employees' everyday lives. At Château de Berne, we offer your staff the chance to discover wine tourism.

There, they can enjoy a guided tour of the winery and taste the wines produced in the region and from the estate's vines, including organic wines. Since the presence of nature is known to have a relaxing effect, you can also suggest that participants go for a walk or go on a hike. mountain bike outings a hundred kilometres through the 1000 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and forests that surround the Château de Berne.

As well as introducing your employees to the wine sector, you can showcase your commitment to nature and the environment.

Plan moments of sharing and well-being during your integration seminar

Planning relaxation time during your induction seminar will demonstrate your concern for the well-being of your staff. At Château de Berne, you have easy access to the 800m2 spa and the estate's three swimming pools and jacuzzis. Sports enthusiasts will be delighted with the tennis court, fitness room and petanque area.

One of the aims of the integration seminar is to create links, so it's important to plan a number of activities that contribute to this. As well as sporting activities, cookery classes can be a great opportunity to start a dialogue while developing participants' skills. As well as learning how to cook, these classes help to develop patience and the ability to listen to instructions.

Between two activities or work sessions, you can enjoy a meal in one of our three restaurants, one of which is Michelin-starred. We also have a gourmet bistro and a bar. For accommodation, you can choose from 34 Relais & Châteaux rooms and suites. Villas and a château are also available for private hire.

Make your induction seminar a productive working experience

An induction seminar is also a good time to gently start working with newcomers. From an efficiency point of view, it's worth organising work sessions in this setting. Because it's more informal, it can stimulate creativity and strengthen team spirit and individual thinking.

At Château de Berne, all the sporting, culinary, wine-making and leisure activities are concentrated in the same place. With this in mind, the work rooms also need to be close by. So, on the same site, you will have at your disposal several fully equipped rooms of different sizes and configurations.

Whether you are a group of 10 or 220 people, Château de Berne will be delighted to welcome you for your seminars. Take a look at our corporate packages, contact our team to organise your integration seminar or contact us at ask for a quote.