Our relais et châteaux in Provence promotes short circuits

At the heart of the concerns of Relais & Châteaux, the values of the terroir include respect for resources and the environment. Château de Berne fully embraces these values, and makes it a point of honour to favour short supply chains. This reduces the number of intermediaries between producer and consumer, and gives pride of place to local produce from Provence.

Our Relais & Château in Provence opts for short circuits

Much more than just a fad, the choice of short distribution channels is part of an approach that puts the emphasis on product quality and preserving the local environment.

The advantages of short circuits

The principle behind short distribution channels is to reduce the number of intermediaries between producer and consumer as much as possible, but also to limit the distance a product travels. The aim is to consume better quality products, favour the work of local producers, and limit the environmental impact of transport. But the benefits don't stop there, and each small commitment to the short distribution chain has its own advantages:
- Short transport routes mean less packaging, as the product does not need to be over-protected during short transport;
- Products are sold at the right price, and producers are paid fairly;
- The products are really fresh, coming straight from the producer to the plate;
- Being close to the producers means you can benefit from advice on preparation and preservation.
Encouraging short circuits and direct sales plays an essential role in a sustainable economy that respects seasonality, the environment, animals and nature.

Transparency at the heart of short distribution channels

The significant advantage of the short distribution chain is that consumers know where their product comes from. Whether it's fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat or anything else, direct sales and the short distribution chain allow you to talk to the producer and find out all the information about the product.
This means that Château de Berne knows each producer, the precise origin of the products used, the farming method and the type of crop. There is total transparency, ensuring that we are supplied with fresh, quality produce. Traceability is undeniably a selection criterion that fosters a relationship of trust conducive to the creation of exceptional menus.

Short circuits in Provence

Château de Berne is actively committed to promoting the Provençal terroir, encouraging short circuits and producing certain products itself.

Local producers you can trust

Closeness to the land and culture of Provence is a value that Château de Berne holds dear. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it is recognised and listed as one of Provence's Relais & Châteaux. Every member of staff at the estate is actively committed to honouring local produce, sourcing as much as possible from local producers.
Whether it's fruit and vegetables, meat, cheeses or aromatic herbs, Provence is in the limelight thanks to products from its own lands. Seasonal produce and fresh products are favoured, and Château de Berne contributes in its own way to the economic activity of the region.

The personal kitchen garden on the Berne estate, a very short circuit

Château de Berne is in itself a tribute to Provence, its culture and traditions. That's why the estate's restaurateurs are committed to a gastronomy where nature takes pride of place, thanks to a personal vegetable garden that they patiently cultivate.
A true Provençal art of living, growing fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs allows chefs to bring out the best in their produce in an ecologically neutral way.
Every morning, the head chef and head pastry chef collect fruit and vegetables directly from the kitchen garden or orchard on the Berne estate. They then work with all that nature has to offer, to create extraordinary dishes for the Michelin-starred restaurant. Respecting nature and flavours, and reducing food waste are therefore key arguments for offering you luxury gastronomy.
A genuine commitment to the environment, short distribution channels and local production are at the heart of the concerns of our Relais & Château in Provence, ensuring that our guests enjoy exceptional cuisine in many respects.