Wine tourism: visit a wine estate in the Var

Wine tourism consists of travelling or discovering a region through its wine heritage. There is indeed a whole microcosm around wine and its production. In France, wine culture is a thousand-year-old tradition.

The Var, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, is one of the country's most prolific wine-producing areas and has several appellations of origin, including Côtes de Provence.

Discovering the vineyards, tasting the best vintages, visiting cellars and museums, and even exploring the most beautiful wine villages in France is a real pleasure! Here is more information to help you organise your next wine tourism trip.

Wine tourism: a trendy theme

In France, many regions have extensive wine estates. Although the cultivation of vines is deeply rooted in French culture (dating back to around 600 BC), it is only recently that wine tourism has reached such a high level of popularity with the general public. Previously reserved for a certain elite, the world of wine has now become more democratic.

Since then, wine tourism has become a real phenomenon that is more fashionable than ever. The aim is to introduce tourists from all walks of life to the world of wine in the broadest sense of the word (the winegrower's profession, culture, production, traditions and much more).

Oenotourists, as they are called, can go and meet the winegrowers and discover all the secrets of wine making. In this context, the activities proposed generally include visits to estates, vineyards, tasting of different wines, etc. They are also an opportunity to discover all the theoretical aspects of wine making, the different grape varieties, but also the terroirs and the different professions linked to wine production (winegrowers, cellar masters, grape pickers, etc.).

Wine tourism: how to choose a winery to visit?

If you want to discover a winery and have a wonderful stay in Provence or elsewhere in France, it is important to prepare your stay well.

Before selecting your destination, you should first check that the domain you are interested in is open to visitors (individuals or groups). In addition, some estates are only open at certain times of the year.

Another important aspect is the nature of the activities offered to ensure that your stay matches your expectations. In addition to visits, some estates may offer more immersive introductory workshops, which are usually very popular.

If you wish to enjoy a stay on a wine route, you will also have to prepare the different stages of your trip in order to avoid unpleasant surprises once you arrive.

The good news is that the wineries can be visited all year round. In each season, the landscapes will display a particular beauty, such as in autumn when the vines change colour from green, to orange and even to sumptuous reds that sometimes seem barely real.

Note: if you want to see the grape harvest in full swing, September and October are the best months to plan your trip.

The Domaine du Château de Berne, an exceptional wine tourism destination

Château de Berne is a magnificent estate of over 1000 hectares, located in the heart of Provence. The estate produces red, rosé and white Côtes de Provence wines from 175 hectares of organically grown vines.

Individual visitors and groups are welcome throughout the year.

What wine tourism activities are offered at the Château de Berne?

Château de Berne offers a comprehensive tour of the estate, its vineyards located on magnificent limestone plateaus and its cellars by the estate's expert sommeliers.

During your visit, you will probably meet the oenologist Alexis CornuThe estate has hired to create exceptional wines.

Of course, you won't leave without enjoying a tasting in the heart of the Château de Berne's huge cellar. As a bonus, you will receive valuable advice on how to match your wines and reveal their full aromatic complexity.

In addition, you should know that the Bern Castle has several high quality restaurants, as well as a hotel and a Spa where you can stay and eat in an exceptional setting.

The final word:

If you are looking for a prestigious wine tourism destination, the Château de Berne en Provence will offer you an immersive visit to the heart of the Côtes de Provence wine production.

To discover the Château de Berne vineyard and to organise your visit, simply contact the establishment. You can also obtain more information by clicking here for more information.