Organise a seminar in Provence in a starred restaurant

You are a company and you are looking for an exceptional starred restaurant to organise a seminar in Provence? You've come to the right place!

A seminar is an event designed to resemble and unite the teams of a company. As such, it is important that the venue chosen fully meets your expectations and enables you to achieve your objectives.

If you wish to invite your employees to a seminar in Provence, here is some information that will be useful for your research.

The importance of choosing the right venue

A seminar is a specific event that requires impeccable organisation. It must allow a common project to be carried out in a rather short period of time. Everything must therefore be organised in an optimal way so that the event takes place in the best possible conditions.

From the quality of the infrastructure, through the equipment, the work rooms and their modularity, to the equipment available on site, nothing should be left to chance. This is why it is imperative to choose an establishment that is used to hosting this type of professional event and has the physical and material capacity to do so.

It is also essential that accommodation and catering facilities are available on site. In addition, for the seminar to be a success, it is equally important that the activities offered enable the employees to strengthen their bonds.

Finally, it is preferable to choose a location whose values are similar and compatible with those of your company and the messages you wish to convey to your teams (quality of work well done, an impeccable customer experience, etc.).

The geographical location of a seminar, a crucial criterion to choose

Organising a seminar often involves logistical complexities that it is important to anticipate. For this, the choice of a venue with a strategic geographical location is crucial.

When choosing a venue for your seminar in Provence, it is essential to check its accessibility. The proximity of train stations and airports, as well as the transfer options to the seminar venue are all determining factors. Moreover, to increase the time spent at the seminar, it is essential to limit the time spent in transport as much as possible.

Finally, the geographical location of Provence is also relevant in terms of its climate. Indeed, the region enjoys pleasant temperatures throughout the year and an exceptional amount of sunshine. This is an ideal location to organise outdoor activities and meals in all seasons, which are highly appreciated by employees during incentives.

Le Jardin de Berne, an exceptional starred restaurant for your seminar in Provence

Le Jardin de Berne is a restaurant with one Michelin star. Located in the heart of the Château de Berne, this restaurant offers its guests a high quality gastronomic experience.

Chef Louis Rameau and his brigade will offer you a sublime culinary journey built around a seasonal menu exploiting the many local products of Provence.

Le Jardin de Berne also has a Green Star for Sustainable Gastronomy. This distinction was awarded to them in particular because of the many products from the estate's organic vegetable garden. Fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants and other edible flowers from the garden are sublimated and magnified in dishes with surprising and innovative flavours.

An ideal venue for a seminar in Provence

The Château de Berne is an estate with first-rate know-how and expertise in hosting a variety of high-end events. These include seminars and other corporate incentives.

Workrooms, accommodation and catering are perfectly suited to hosting professional groups, while benefiting from top-of-the-range service in the estate's various facilities (the tasting cellar, the Spa, the starred restaurant, the gastronomic table, the gourmet bistro, the Relais et Châteaux hotel, etc.).

The choice of this establishment is definitely ideal and will guarantee you a successful 100% event, thanks in particular to its personalised support.

Unite your teams with a seminar in Provence is an excellent initiative. To be sure of organising an unforgettable event in Provence, simply opt for the Château de Berne and its refined Michelin-starred table.

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