Organise a team-building event on a wine estate

Share the company's values and organise team-building activities on a wine estate.

The aim of team building is to improve communication and group cohesion between employees of the same company. It's also an opportunity for participants to get together outside the workplace and take part in fun challenges together.

Team building activities are highly beneficial to companies in terms of efficiency. They help to strengthen team spirit, consolidate group cohesion and thank employees for the work and effort they put in on a daily basis to keep the company running smoothly.

However, team buildings need to be well organised to achieve the company's objectives.

Organising a team building event

It's important to think about the objective of your team building: for example, it could be to develop your employees' skills (communication, planning, problem solving, conflict management, etc.). In this case, you can envisage fun and/or sporting activities.

You can opt for one activity rather than another, depending on the skills and values you wish to instil in your team. For example, a sporting challenge will reinforce a taste for effort and communication, while an oenology workshop can serve as a tool for integration and recognition of the specific skills of each individual.

The development of shared ideas and the building of solid professional relationships are the result of successful team building.

To do this, you need to organise the activities properly. You need to define your budget, and decide on the location and type of activities in line with your company's values and the profile of the participants. Choose a venue that is easily accessible or close to the workplace.

Organising a team-building event tailored to your company's vision

For a successful team building event, the choice of venue is very important. It must reflect the image of your company.

Whatever the size of your company, choosing the right location for your team building event will enable your teams to strengthen their bonds in a working environment that is both unusual and enjoyable.

Team-building events in the great outdoors are very popular because they encourage team-building and bring participants together in a place where they can share, discover and relax. Some establishments regularly organise this type of event and offer services tailored to companies.

Organising a team-building event at a wine estate is a great way to get your team talking. Winegrowing activities such as introductions to oenology or wine tastings are great fun and help to strengthen links between employees in a friendly atmosphere.

Your team building venue must also ensure the security and confidentiality of your company's activities. Choose a venue that will respect the level of confidentiality required to protect the important information that will be divulged during your team building.

Organise a team building event at the Bern wine estate

Le Bern Castle is a 1000-hectare wine-growing estate, including 175 hectares of vines, and a top-of-the-range establishment that regularly welcomes companies for their seminars and team-building events.

Located in Provence, near Lorgues and Flayosc, the Domaine de Berne is the ideal place to organise your team-building activities and introduce your team to the region's organic wine tourism. The establishment organises high-quality receptions and activities in a friendly atmosphere that will reflect your company's values.

A rich and varied range of services for organising a team-building event

You can take advantage of this opportunity to introduce your company's employees to a rich and varied terroir by taking part in various activities on the theme of wine (cellar tours, guided tastings and wine workshops).

The pleasures of the table also extend to gastronomy, as the estate has three restaurants including a Michelin-starred chef, for an original culinary and taste experience for your colleagues.

Organising a team-building event at Château de Berne also means offering your team-building participants a place to relax and enjoy nature. This is a 5-star Relais & Châteaux hotel, with spaprivate rooms, suites and villas.

Château de Berne: a team of experts to organise a team building event

When you choose the Domaine de Berne to organise your team-building activities, you benefit from a venue that is specially adapted to professional activities. Five seminar rooms and outdoor areas are available for your activities. Ideally located, Château de Berne is easily accessible from the surrounding TGV stations and airports.

The estate offers packages tailored to companies, starting at a minimum of half a day.

To find out more, or to ask for advice on organising your team building at Château de Berne, you can consult the full range of services on offer at domain website and request a quote.

Finally, opting for a winery such as the Bern Castle to organise your team building is an excellent choice for bringing your employees together in a setting that exudes nature and well-being. You'll be reinforcing your company's values and boosting your employees' motivation by offering them an enriching experience based around wine and gastronomy.