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The Castle of Bern, an unforgettable team building idea

Team building is the key to a cohesive company. It improves communication within your company and thus develops team spirit among colleagues. A successful team building event starts with a suitable location. The Château de Berne, located in the heart of Provence, is the perfect place for an authentic and unforgettable team building.

Organising a team building event? What an idea!

Team building" means "team building" in French. It is an aspect that must be maintained for a company to survive. However, many people think, wrongly, that team building is not for them. What an idea!
Team building is about learning to work as a team. In a playful way, in a less formal environment, participants are encouraged to develop their communication skills: a key skill when working in a team. The best idea for successful team building is a well-balanced mix of conviviality and competition. The objectives set during the activities require a group cohesion that leads the employees to reinforce their team spirit. A group identity will be built up and will help to reduce internal conflicts within the company, when returning to work.

The four imperatives for the implementation of a team building idea

As we said, successful team building starts with the right venue. In order for the participants to get out of the work environment, it is necessary to get them, literally, out of the work environment. Leave your company's premises for an afternoon, a day or a weekend with a change of scene.
Once this geographical break has been created, your employees can easily drop their worker's mask and get to know each other, human being to human being. It is imperative that they disconnect from their daily lives to ensure proper participation in activities.
When developing your team building idea, think about what messages and objectives you want to convey to your employees. This will guide you in choosing a venue that suits your ideas and values.
Finally, don't neglect the practical side. Travel time, transportation, accessibility of the location, the possibility of accommodation on site: to strengthen your team, show them that you are choosing the best for them.

Team building idea: the Château de Berne wine estate

For a total change of scenery, organise your team building at the Château de Berne. Located in the hinterland of Provence, in the heart of nature, this exceptional place welcomes your team building stays.
Take your company on a journey to a 5* Relais et Château in Provence. The sun, the nature, the vineyards and the art of living in Provence will make them forget their daily business. Thus disconnected, they will be better able to let themselves go, which will make the team building activities more successful.
The Château de Berne is a place steeped in history. This estate embraces many values: authenticity, work well done and a taste for perfection. If you recognize yourself in these values and want your employees to make them their own, the castle is the perfect place for your activities.
On the practical side, the Château de Berne is not only a dream setting, it is also a place that offers high quality services and amenities. Whether it's for a day or a weekend, you can rent rooms, have lunch on site and be accommodated in our private villas and our 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel. The château is accessible by car, by train from the Arcs-Draguignan station (20 minutes) and by plane from the airports of Nice, Cannes-Mandelieu, Hyères and Marseille.

The Castle of Bern gives you ideas for your team building

By choosing a wine estate, a wide range of team building activities are available. Château de Berne offers activities based on wine, oenology and Provençal gastronomy, even for non-experts. For the more sporty, the estate is equipped with a fitness room, a tennis court and three swimming pools. Walking or mountain biking tours will allow you to discover Provence. To set up your team building activities, the Château de Berne offers 5 seminar rooms and outdoor areas.

To offer your team the best, organise a team building trip to the Château de Berne. Look no further, the perfect idea is in Provence. Let our team help you organise your team building, discover our services and ask for a quote.