For your next holiday, choose to stay in a castle

When the time comes to plan your next holiday, you often feel the need for a change of scenery. So we think of a change of scenery, by going to the seaside, the mountains, or even the other side of the world. But a change of scenery can also be achieved by choosing an unusual place to live. So why not try stay in a castle for your next holiday?

Why stay in a château?

Beyond the exceptional setting, the stays in châteaux offer the chance to enjoy a unique experience and plunge into a timeless universe.

The unusual setting of the château

The Château's main holiday attraction is undoubtedly its single framework. Châteaux are often set in the heart of a property with large green spaces. But they are also luxury accommodation, offering you living the life of a castle the stuff dreams are made of.

You will be staying in a a place marked by historyThere's something for everyone, from 18th-century royal châteaux to large 19th-century family homes. From eighteenth-century royal châteaux to large nineteenth-century family homes, there's something for everyone, taking you to the heart of French history.

A unique experience for your family holiday

In recent years, the hotel industry has been marked by a strong desire to experience new things, away from the everyday and traditional holidays. Tourists are turning to less conformist accommodation, moving away from the large, luxurious hotel chains that have been so popular in recent decades.

These days, travellers like to find establishments on a human scale, with a history and a personalised, authentic setting. Visit luxury holidays in a castle ticks all the boxes, offering the sensation of experiencing a unique holiday in a unique setting off the beaten track, while remaining in France.

Top-of-the-range personalised service

The luxury hotel industry is developing fully personalised offers for stay in a castle. Depending on your choices, you can enjoy a fully-privatised historic estate, which you occupy as you wish. Or you may decide to stay in just part of a château, and enjoy the top-class services of the on-site staff.

Whichever you choose, you'll enjoy an exceptional setting, with high quality servicesThe hotel offers a wide range of services, from furnishings and equipment (swimming pool, spa, luxury furniture, etc.) to service (restaurant, room service, reception, etc.).

How much does it cost to stay in a château?

Le price of a stay in a château depends on a number of criteria. It can vary according to the size of the château, the number of guests, the prestige of the premises, the services expected, or even the region and the season. If you decide to rent a château for a holiday with family or friends, the cost of the stay can range from from €6,000 (€850 per night) to tens of thousands of euros per week.

But you can also choose to stay in a château converted into a hotel, such as a Relais & Châteaux. In this case, you pay the cost of a night's stay in a hotel room, and enjoy all the services and facilities available to guests. The price of a night in a château depends on the standard of the premises and the services required. This can range from from €150 per night to several hundred euros per night.

Sleeping in a château: is it suitable for a family holiday?

We often think that life in a château requires a certain amount of dress, and it's hard to imagine energetic children in such a setting. However, it's important to get away from this overly pompous image of châteaux holidays, as most of them offer everything children and their parents need to make their holidays as enjoyable as possible.
From the family room at the château with baby equipment, a stay in a château is perfectly suited to families. What's more, many establishments also offer activities for younger guests, such as a kid's club or nursery.

A romantic break in a castle

Castle life seems particularly well suited to romantic breaks. Four-poster beds, lush green grounds and an abundance of luxury provide the perfect romantic setting for a romantic holiday.

For a weekend or a week for 2, the privatisation of a château may seem excessive, given the size of the property, but it is perfectly possible to book a small château. And if you fancy renting a huge castle all to yourself, there's nothing to stop you making your dreams come true!

Relais et Châteaux is particularly suitable for lovers, as it allows you to enjoy top-of-the-range services in a large establishment without having to rent the whole space.

Our châteaux welcome you to Provence

Do you dream of living the life of a château for a few days? The châteaux of the MDCV group welcome you to Provence for a timeless stay in a gentle bubble.

Berne Castle

In the Var hinterland, the Bern Castle welcomes you to a vineyard estate of over 1,000 hectares. Classified as a 5-star Relais & Châteaux Resort Hotel, this 18th-century château offers you the chance to live the dream life of a squire, with top-of-the-range facilities: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Cinq Mondes spa, Michelin-starred restaurant, cinema room, lush greenery perfect for walks...

The Bertrands castle

This charming vineyard in the heart of Provence welcomes you to its bastide for an unforgettable stay. You will be staying in a modern château in Provençal styleEnjoy the peace and luxury of the setting. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the private terrace and large swimming pool with pool house, just 30 km from the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Château Saint-Roux

Just imagine waking up to an idyllic view over the vineyards of Provence. That's what the Château Saint-Roux and its immense park. This ecolodge welcomes you to an exceptional setting, with top-quality accommodation decorated entirely around the theme of Provence, and with the greatest respect for nature.

With family, friends or lovers, stay in a castle is the perfect way to spend a unique holiday. France has many châteaux to welcome you for your holidays, and create unforgettable memories.