Privatizing a castle for a family party

Privatize a castle in Provence for a family party. Do you dream of being able to invite your loved ones to a magnificent château? Family celebrations are rare occasions, which allow you to bring together people you don't necessarily see all the time. If you want to make this an exceptional event, the choice of venue is crucial. A private castle could be an excellent solution.

It is possible to privatise a castle for a party!

Many castles are now open to the general public. Thus, those who wish to privatise a castle for various events have the possibility to access these exceptional places without difficulty. Whether it is a wedding, christening, birthday, cousinhood or any other family celebration, some chateaux have the space and infrastructure to receive several dozen or even hundreds of guests.

How do you choose a castle to privatise?

Choosing to privatise a castle should not be done at random. Indeed, in order to facilitate access to all guests, it is preferable that it be located in an accessible region. Proximity to a train station or airport is a very good point, especially if the guests are located throughout France and/or abroad.

The configuration of the castle, as well as the proposed infrastructure, are also essential points to check with a view to privatisation. It must have a sufficient number of beds and common areas (living room and dining room) adapted to the number of participants in the family celebration.

In addition, you should make sure that the castle offers additional services, such as taking care of meals and organising activities, for example, both of which require significant logistics and experience when the number of guests is large. You may want to delegate these services so that you too can enjoy the party to the full.

Why privatise a castle?

To privatise a castle is a dream that many people wrongly think is out of reach. Indeed, in the collective imagination, castles are private places, to which only certain people can have access.

However, today, many castles are opening up to private individuals by offering to host certain events. The owners of these properties thus allow the greatest number of people to stay for a party or a few days in a plush and refined interior.

A castle, an atypical place for a family celebration

Choosing to privatise a castle for a family party is an atypical choice that is sure to surprise your loved ones. In an exceptional place with unique architecture, everyone will be able to experience a special moment that they will not soon forget.

What is certain is that organising a family party in such a place will allow each guest to slip into the shoes of a squire for a few hours or days.

Privatize a castle in a wine estate in Provence

If you wish to privatise a castle in Provence, the Domaine de Berne is a magnificent venue for such an event. Located in the hinterland of Provence, this estate of rare beauty is spread over more than 1,000 hectares of nature, 175 of which constitute a vast vineyard.

Among the many buildings on the site, the Château de Berne is an authentic 300 m² building dating from the 18th century. The castle can be privatised, particularly for a family celebration, and has a capacity of approximately 20 guests.

If you are a larger group, the Berne estate also has several villas for rent and a 5-star Relais et Châteaux hotel, which can accommodate additional guests.

Domaine de Berne, services combining luxury, calm and pleasure

If you are looking for an address combining luxury and refinement, the Château de Berne is the place to be. The theme of the place revolves around two axes: Provence and Wine. These two themes are perfectly respected in the interiors, which are carefully decorated in a contemporary Provençal style, as well as in the activities on offer, and even in the gastronomy. The estate has three restaurants on site. There is a gourmet bistro, a gastronomic restaurant and a starred restaurant, where you can enjoy refined Provençal cuisine, as well as some of the estate's best wines.

To make the most of a stay on site, each guest will have the opportunity to take advantage of the estate's swimming pools and all the services on offer, including the 5 Mondes and Vinesime partner spa (for wine therapy enthusiasts) with a surface area of 800 m2, the fitness room, and much more!

The final word:

Privatise a castle, yes, but not just any castle! With the Château de Berne, you can be sure that your family reunion will take place in a place that will be unanimously appreciated by all the guests.

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