What does resort hotel mean?

Why go on holiday to a resort hotel in Provence?

The world of hotels has changed considerably over the years. Today, there are different types of hotel to satisfy all customers, whatever their expectations. Resort hotels have made their appearance and have proved very popular with holidaymakers. There's nothing like staying in an exceptional resort hotel in Provence to make the most of your holiday!

What does resort hotel mean?

To find out what resort hotel means, we need only look at the origin of the word "resort". The word "resort" comes from English and can be translated into French as "village de vacances".

So, we can say that a resort hotel is similar to a hotel complex. In other words, a resort hotel is not just a place to stay for tourists. It obviously offers rooms as well as suites, or even villas in some cases, to accommodate holidaymakers.

However, in addition to its accommodation service, the resort hotel is unique in that it has a wide range of facilities to offer fun and entertaining activities for all ages.

The resort hotel is relatively large to accommodate all types of groups (couples, large families, groups of friends, etc.). The estate often combines numerous buildings and infrastructures with green and/or wooded areas.

This area is strictly reserved for holidaymakers, who can enjoy a wide range of services within the resort hotel grounds. Generally located away from the town and other campsites, the resort hotel guarantees a calm and peaceful holiday. Some resorts even have private access to the beach, which only their guests can enjoy.

The resort hotel offers its guests a wide range of services, including restaurants, leisure activities, a spa, swimming pool, golf course and boutique. So holidaymakers have everything they need on site and can enjoy their stay without leaving the resort.

What is the difference between a resort hotel and a hotel-club?

Be careful not to confuse a resort hotel with a hotel-club. These two types of hotel offer magnificent surroundings and fairly similar services. However, resort hotels and hotel clubs are not aimed at the same type of clientele. If you're planning to go on holiday and stay in a hotel for a while, opt for a resort hotel instead.

In contrast, hotel clubs are reserved for members. These members, who are often year-round subscribers, can visit the hotel club and take advantage of its services whenever they wish.

In this sense, the resort hotel is much better suited to holidaymakers, with services to suit all budgets. Holidaymakers can choose the package that suits them best. Club hotels, on the other hand, generally charge an 'all-inclusive' rate, including all services and activities.

Why choose a resort hotel?

Opting for a resort hotel gives you the chance to discover a whole host of new activities, set off on adventures and get out of your comfort zone under professional supervision. You can try your hand at new sports and go scuba diving as a family, for example, or take tennis lessons, go mountain biking, and so on. It's ideal if you want to keep active during your holiday.

What's more, many holidaymakers choose a resort hotel to relax and recharge their batteries. They can take full advantage of the resort hotel spa, enjoy treatments and massages, and take part in yoga, stretching or meditation sessions for a relaxing holiday.

In a resort hotel, you benefit from a host of services for optimum comfort during your stay (WiFi access, room service, etc.). The décor is magnificent, and the rooms are fully furnished and equipped (television, air conditioning, etc.).

The luxury resort hotels are ideally located and boast the most beautiful views. You can contemplate magnificent landscapes from the moment you wake up until nightfall.

Finally, by opting for a resort hotel, you can take advantage of a high-quality catering service and enjoy dishes created by top chefs. They select top-quality ingredients, giving priority to fresh, local produce.

A resort hotel in the heart of Provence

Provence is one of France's top destinations. Thanks to its gentle way of life, you can enjoy the Provençal countryside whatever the season. So it's ideal for a sunny holiday. The Provence region offers a wide range of activities, with something for everyone, young and old alike.

If you want to discover Provence, you can opt for the hotel resort of the Bern Castle with your eyes closed. Situated in the heart of an incredible wine estate, it's a unique opportunity to spend time with family and friends, creating wonderful memories together in the midst of nature.

Château de Berne has been awarded the 5-star Relais et Châteaux label. It houses an 18th-century château with the authentic charm of the period. The estate's 175 hectares of organic vines produce Côtes-de-Provence wines, typical of the region.

When you choose the Domaine de Berne resort hotel, you benefit from top-of-the-range services and a host of facilities. The rooms and suites at the resort hotel de Berne are magnificent, and the decor is both chic and authentic. For the ultimate in privacy, you can even opt for a villa with a private swimming pool.

You can enjoy delicious meals in the 3 restaurants of the estate, including a Michelin-starred restaurant, a bib gourmand and a gastronomic restaurant, where you can sample new flavours and specialities from the region.

Le Spa The estate's 800m2 spa offers a timeless moment of well-being. You can treat yourself to body treatments, facials or massages, and unwind in the relaxation area featuring an indoor swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a solarium, a sauna and a steam room.

Finally, the Domaine de Berne resort hotel organises a wide range of activities to keep you busy during your holiday. You can attend cookery classes, fitness and yoga classes or take part in wine-related activities, walks and more.

Now you know what a resort hotel means, you can opt for this type of holiday and enjoy all its benefits. Book your stay now at resort hotel du Château de Berne for an unforgettable holiday in Provence. For more information, please contact contact our teams who will be delighted to advise you on all our services.