Organise a Mother's Day meal in a starred restaurant in Provence

A Mother's Day meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, or at a winery that also offers a luxury spa, is a wonderful gift!

What is the origin of Mother's Day?

The beginning of Mother's Day in France is often traced back to after the First World War. But this celebration is much older: did you know that Mother's Day has its origins in antiquity? In Greece, important festivities were organised in honour of the goddess Rhea, considered the mother of all deities. Mother's Day is one of the most beautiful family celebrations. It is synonymous with moments of joy, with gifts, with the tradition of objects made by hand by the children at school or beautiful cards with drawings and tender words made with the complicity of the father, which will be treasured as a souvenir. And later on, we will offer flowers to our mother, to continue to express our love for her. There are a thousand and one ways, depending on age or desires, to express your love for your mother. And, for those who are a little confused, Mother's Day is always on the last Sunday in May! At least in France, because this holiday exists in most countries of the world.

What gift to give for Mother's Day?

When you grow up, you need to find the right gift for your mother. The traditional bouquet of flowers is still a must: for example, peonies because they bloom at this time of year, or roses, whose language is a symbol of love, and which is always a pleasure. There is also jewellery, which is more personal. Think of a breakfast in bed. It is a delicate attention that always pleases and is a moment of happiness prepared and spent with the family. But have you thought of offering a meal in a starred restaurant? This is an opportunity to get together as a family and to mark this event with something exceptional.

How about a Mother's Day meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant?

Mother's Day is a special moment in the family, and every year, like birthdays, it is a marker in the family's history, a memory, a moment that we want to be exceptional, as can be a meal in a star restaurant. A Mother's Day meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant is also an opportunity to start developing your children's taste and curiosity about gastronomy. For dads who don't know how to cook at all, it's a perfect choice, the meal will necessarily be a success! And for the mother to be the real queen of the party, so that the family doesn't have to worry about anything, the star restaurant is the perfect solution. All you have to do is choose the menu! What if you were to organise this Mother's Day meal in the star restaurant of a wine estate? Such a destination is not only for wine lovers, it's an opportunity to spend a good day in nature, to go for walks in the vineyards or in the forest, on foot or by mountain bike, or to take advantage of the wellness facilities, such as a spa, that some top-of-the-range wine estates offer.

A meal at the starred restaurant of the Château de Berne

The restaurant " Le Jardin de Berne "is part of the Château de Berne wine estate in Provence. This establishment offers refined cuisine, awarded a Michelin star and a green star for sustainable gastronomy. It offers a menu that is renewed according to the seasons to create original combinations, using regional products with creativity, while remaining close to the natural product. The two chefs, Louis Rameau and Eric Raynal, who are at the helm, use products from the estate's 3,000 m2 vegetable garden: vegetables, herbs, aromatic plants, which are grown organically, or use the olive oil produced by the estate's 4,000 olive trees to enhance the dishes with its fruity aroma. After or before your meal, why not discover with your family the hiking trails on the estate and in the surrounding area, or take advantage of the 800 m2 Spa with hammam, jacuzzi, sauna and swimming pool ?

To book a Mother's Day meal at the restaurant Jardin du Château de Berne, or even better, for an even more unforgettable gift, a lunch and spa treatment package with the Gastronomic Escape Pass.